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Pharmacy Technician Career

There are very few industries out there that have not been touched by technology in some shape or form and as you probably expected, the pharmaceutical industry has been no exception. If you’re wondering how to become a pharmacy technician then you’ve certainly come to the right place but there are so many other things that you’re going to need to know. The integration of technology into the pharmaceutical industry has changed a lot of things and it will certainly change the way you do your job.

How Technology Increases Pharmacy Safety

As technology improves, so does safety. Retail pharmacies have adopted barcode drug labels to help ensure accountability. The information contained by the barcode will compare the administered medication with what was ordered so as to ensure that the patient is actually getting the right drug. Not only is this a money saving technique, it is a lifesaving technique.

How it Works

The process is simple: a technician or pharmacist will place the medication on a tray which will then count the number of pills. When the right amount is reached, a green light is displayed and a photo is snapped of the tray. The picture is then stored in the pharmacy’s software system just in case it needs to be recalled later. There is no telling if this system has saved any money currently, but it has certainly done a great job of streamlining the process while ensuring that patients do not get the wrong medication by mistake.

Streamlining the Process

pharmacy technicianThroughout the United States it is estimated that 186 million prescriptions require prior authorization with 40% being abandoned. That said, a patient ends up failing to receive a needed medication thanks to the process associated with obtaining it. There are some companies that are offering electronic prior authorization which completes the process using an integrated clinical system, or an online web portal depending on the service.

Pharmacists can access an ePA through the pharmacy and prescribers can authorize through their practice. To put it as simply as possible, the physician will have the ability to prescribe a medication to you, send the prescription electronically to the pharmacy, and allow you to pick it up within hours instead of within days. For healthcare professionals, this reduces waste and creates a more streamlined process.

Electronic Reminders

The final thing we’re going to talk about is electronic reminders issued to patients to pick up their medications. These can be sent through e-mail using the portal system but most often they are sent through SMS text message. Reminders can be sent when the prescription is ready and you can also confirm that you wish for a prescription to be refilled by pressing a single button. This is far beyond the systems of old and will allow patients more access to their healthcare provider than ever before.

You will quickly learn at our pharmacy technician training course that things are changing and they are changing significantly. There is no telling just how far it will go, but it is making things much safer for patients and easier for providers. As a pharmacy technician, you will be jumping into a whole new world fueled by technology and one that is overall much easier to deal with. There has never been a better time for you to jump into our training program and get started on the path to your brand-new career. The world is changing and you have a chance to be a huge part of it!


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