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What Makes A Unique Medical Assistant?
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As you prepare to attend medical assistant school you probably have quite a few questions and rightly so! Is it a good career? What does it involve? What can you expect? Today we’re going to look over a few of the little-known facts about this profession and most importantly, what you can expect once you finish our medical assistant program.

It’s a Career you Can Count On

Quite often you will find that medical assisting is cited as a fast-growing career, and this could be surprising to you, as most people will say it’s just a stepping stone to more prominent positions in the medical field. While this can certainly be true, you need to know that medical assisting IS a career, and a fast growing one at that. There are many medical assistants who remain in the field for the entirety of their lives and even enjoy it. With the right training and the right determination, you too can go down this path.

There Are Limitless Specialties

When one asks us what they’ll be doing as a medical assistant it becomes very difficult for us to answer, because there are so many different aspects to the job. As a medical assistant, you will be working with nearly every type of doctor and in every type of medical practice. The medical field is vast, and as a medical assistant, you could be in any part of it.

The Career Path is Endless

There is a common misconception that the first medical assisting job you obtain will be the end of your career, but just like any other job, you’re going to have several of them. Medical assistants can branch out into many different careers which include:

  • Nurses
  • Radiologists
  • Physician Assistants

There are even some who go on to become office managers, or pursue higher education to take on an instructing job. There is no telling where you might end up after you attend a school for medical assistant.

MD Jurisdiction

Nurses work under the Nursing Practice Act, but Medical Assistants work directly under MD jurisdiction. That said, an MA can perform any duty that they have been trained to do under their physician. As you may already know, a Medical Assistant can take vitals and prep patients, but they can also collet blood, run ECGs, and even remove stitches. The duties that you will be tasked with will depend heavily upon the doctor that you are under, but be ready for anything.

Medical Assistants Run Their Office

In a medical office, while receptionists have quite a bit of power, medical assistants control the patient flow. Their communication between the front and back offices is critical, and in larger offices, you may see Medical Assistants running both the front and back offices.

You now know quite a bit about the field, but one other thing that you need to know is that the field changes constantly. There are some medical assistants who may remain in the same practice for their entire life, but you need to be ready for just about anything as you undertake this career.

It can be highly challenging, but if you’re ready to take it on, then it’s time for you to give us a call and see exactly what we have to offer you in terms of both education and financial aid. With our help, it won’t be too long before you’re well on your way to the career that you’ve always wanted. Don’t settle for the 9-5 grind; we’ve got something far better for you!


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