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Fast-Track Your Healthcare Career

FVI’s Employer Sponsored Program offers you a direct pathway to becoming a skilled healthcare professional. This program provides a rapid and cost-effective way to acquire essential healthcare industry skills. Gain valuable education and hands-on experience, preparing you to meet industry standards and excel in your career. Our program is designed to enhance your readiness for the workforce and fill critical roles in the healthcare sector.

How it Works

Accelerate your journey by joining an Employee Partner before embarking on comprehensive training, including clinical practice. Gain invaluable hands-on experience in skills labs and rotations, preparing you for a rewarding career in healthcare. 

FVI’s Employer Sponsored Program is innovative, offering a unique approach to healthcare education by partnering with employers to provide advanced placement opportunities. This ensures students receive relevant, hands-on training tailored to industry needs, all while benefiting from tuition-free education. 

This program offers an accelerated, fast track to becoming a qualified healthcare professional. Students are placed with an employer partner prior to beginning their program, which then combines intensive curriculum with clinical practice, allowing the students to swiftly gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to enter the healthcare field. 

The program is highly supportive for our students. We provide comprehensive guidance and resources throughout the training process to ensure students are well-prepared for their roles and can focus on their education and career development without the burden of tuition fees. 

Tuition-Free Learning at FVI

Experience stress-free education as our employer-sponsored program comes with no tuition fees for eligible candidates. Focus solely on your training, knowing your post-graduation employment is secured with the sponsoring employer. 

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Tuition Free Education

Tuition free education for those who qualify.

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Comprehensive Training

Gain the skills needed to enter the healthcare field.

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Real Opportunities

Secure a job with an Employer Partner before starting class.

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Hear from a successful graduate about her journey into healthcare through FVI’s Employer Sponsored Program.

Step into Healthcare

Connect directly with leading hospitals and healthcare systems, ensuring you acquire the skills needed to excel in the healthcare industry. Take the right step toward your future in healthcare with FVI.

All nursing programs offered at FVI are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing Professional Nursing NCLEX Code Miramar US70415200 Professional Nursing NCLEX Code Miami US70418900 FVI School of Nursing and Technology (FVI) is licensed by the State of Florida, Commission for Independent Education (CIE) Miami (main) campus License Number: 3441/ Miramar campus License Number: 6010 The Associate of Science programs at FVI School of Nursing and Technology, Miramar, Florida and Miami, Florida are accredited by the Accredited Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). FVI School of Nursing and Technology is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) ID# 312400 since November 03, 2010

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