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Do You Have What It Takes to Work as a Nurse?

Maria Zegarra

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Do You Have What It Takes to Work as a Nurse?

Many people find nursing to be a very enjoyable and rewarding career. However, this career also can be demanding. Do you have what it takes to work as a nurse? Check out the questions below to see if you could succeed in this career. If you think you can, you might want to check out nursing schools in Florida.

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    Will You Get the Required Training? Most duties of a nurse revolve around  specialized medical procedures and tests. This means they need to have knowledge and training to do their job correctly. Nurses do not need as much training as doctors, but they do have to attend nursing school. If you want to become a nurse, you will need to get an associate degree in nursing or a bachelor of science in nursing. The associate degree can take two or three years to complete, while the bachelor’s program generally takes about four years to complete. Many people can be successful in nursing school, but you have to be willing to put in the time and effort.

  • Are You a Hard Worker? Nursing is not a job where you sit around all day. Nurses need to be hard workers, so you need to be able to work hard for long hours to have what it takes to be a nurse. Nurses have to perform a variety of duties. Their exact duties will depend on exactly where they are employed, but they may take patient vital signs, record patient medical histories, administer patient medication, collaborate with doctors, perform tests, operate medical equipment, and more. Nurses often work 12-hour shifts, and they have to perform a variety of tasks during those shifts. This means they have to be very hard-working.
  • Are You Ready for the Physical and Emotional Toll? As discussed above, working as a nurse is hard work. It is physically demanding work that requires you to be on your feet most of the day. This can take a physical toll on your body. However, working as a nurse can also take an emotional toll. When you work as a nurse, you are working with people who are sick and sometimes dying. This can be emotional to watch people struggle with their health, especially if you cannot always help them. To be a good nurse, you have to be prepared for this physical and emotional toll. The good news is, the hard work and the toll it takes are almost always worth it because working as a nurse is rewarding work.
  • Do You Have a Thick Skin? As is the case with patient care technicians, working as a nurse may also require you to have a thick skin. When patients come into a doctor’s office or hospital, they are often not feeling their best. They may be struggling with their health or worried about certain symptoms. This heightened emotional state can cause them to say things that may be rude or mean. As a nurse, you just have to take these comments in stride and keep doing your work. More often than not, these people do not mean any harm, they are just having a bad day.
  • Are You Okay with a Hectic Schedule? There are a lot of demands placed on nurses. They are expected to do a lot of things in a short amount of time. Their schedules are often booked up from the beginning of their shift until the end. If you want to be a nurse, you will have to be okay with having a hectic or busy schedule. Many people enjoy having a busy schedule because it makes the shift pass quickly.
  • Do You Want to Always Be Learning? Medical knowledge and technology are always changing and improving. That means nurses are always learning. They are learning how to perform their tasks better, they are learning to use new medical technology, and they are learning about recently discovered medical knowledge. If you have what it takes to be a nurse, you should be prepared to always be learning.

If you were able to answer yes to most of the questions above, you may just have what it takes to work as a nurse. Learn more about attending nursing school in Florida below.

Attending Nursing School in Florida

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As discussed above, to become a nurse a registered nurse, you have to attend nursing school. You either have to complete a bachelor’s of science in nursing or an associate’s degree of nursing. Either of these options could set you up for a great career as a nurse. If you are looking for nursing school in Florida, look no further than FVI School of Nursing and Technology or FVI. We can help you get started on your nursing career today.

For more information about graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website:

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