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Pharmacy Technician Career

The Best Way to Jump into a Pharmacy Technician Career

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists to dispense prescribed medications to health professionals and customers. According to the BLS.Gov the growth rate of this career field is projected to grow by 9% between 2014 to 2024, faster than the average of other occupations. The majority of states regulate pharmacy technicians and the process usually requires them complete a formal education training program and pass a certification exam.

Preparing for a New Career

The pharmacy technician career path is a promising one and attending a program to prepare you for such a fulfilling job is important to better serve patients. Graduates from the program can find employment in a number of places including health maintenance organizations, hospitals, chain drug stores like CVS or Walgreens, grocery store pharmacies, and even nursing care facilities. Students will be studying the technical and professional skills necessary to direct towards employment and to be successful in their new career.

Our program not only gives students the skills they need to pursue a successful career, but also prepares them for entering the industry. Upon successful completion of the program students are awarded with a certificate. Students must also wear the proper medical attire during attendance just like they would once they are working in their field.

What is Required to be a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy Technician CareerOur pharmacy tech programs prepare aide students in getting ready for a promising career. Students who are pursuing a career in this field do have to be registered as a Registered Pharmacy Technician with the Florida Board before he or she starts working in their field. All employers must also conduct a drug screen and background check for employment within the State of Florida.

Students who complete the program will be better equipped and prepared to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician. We aide students in preparing for their career by teaching the comprehensive ins and outs involved with this fascinating field. They’ll be better equipped, prepared, and ready to handle the challenges in their career. They will also learn the skills necessary to gain direct employment upon graduation so they can get started in their career immediately.  We assist in career placement so that once you graduate your new career is right around the corner!

What is the Workplace Like for a Pharmacy Tech?

The day-to-day of a pharmacy technician can vary depending on their location and where they choose to work. There were over 372,500 pharmacy technician jobs in 2014 according to BLS.Gov with many of those techs working in hospitals, grocery and drug stores, and other places where their skills were needed.

Many people in the pharmacy technician career will work full-time, but many work part-time too. These healthcare professional are usually involved with helping the pharmacists to dispense prescription medication to health professionals or customers. People just entering the career field after attending our program can usually expect moderate on the job training on top of their education. This will increase their skills as a pharmacy technician and allow them to better serve their customers and healthcare professionals over the course of their career.

What Other Responsibilities do Pharmacy Technicians Have?

FVI School of Nursing and TechnologyAgain, where a pharmacy technician is employed will usually determine the type of work and responsibilities they have day-to-day. They usually work under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist and may even aim to become one themselves someday. During the day they may also take care of the administrative duties of the practice. This can include reviewing insurance companies to check the correct medications were provided and that payment has been received and checking prescription requests from doctor’s offices. In addition to dispensing the prescription drugs, they will also instruct patients on how to properly use their medical devices.

Pharmacy technicians will also be speaking directly with patients either in person or on the phone to provide aide on taking their medications at designated times.

How Do You Know if You’re a Good Fit for this Career Field?

The career of a pharmacy technician is rewarding, especially for people who enjoy helping others. People who enjoy meeting others and helping individuals will enjoy the work immensely and they will most likely become familiar with customers and healthcare professionals who require their services regularly. You’ll be dispensing important medication to these people and communicating directly either in person or on the phone to aide in the awareness of making sure patients take their medication on time.

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