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Pharmacy Technician

With the vast array of medical field specialties, an intriguing one that can be versatile and fun, and is well worth looking into is the Pharmacy Technician. Many Pharmacy Technician Programs in Miami offer these courses, and ours at the FVI School of Nursing and Technology is a great option for those who want to get into the field quickly and well prepared. Many important duties are involved in assisting the pharmacist such as measuring out medication, packaging medication, distributing medication to the patient, maintaining inventory, and communicating effectively with the patient’s prescription insurance.
Our complete Pharmacy Technician Courses equip our students to identify drugs by generic and brand name, teach them the ability to count with different measuring systems, and convert units of medicine accurately. The program gives students a thorough understanding of the pharmacy laws. Additionally, we train our students extensively in the art of compounding and mixing prescriptions, which are customized for each individual patient need.

Pharmacy Technician Duties

When learning what is necessary in this career, it is important for a comprehensive course to thoroughly educate students on all aspects in this field. The Pharmacy Technician is the direct assistant to the Pharmacist. The Pharmacy Technician can perform many of the duties that the Pharmacist performs, but the Pharmacist must provide the final approval before medicine is dispensed to the patient. Additionally, by law, Pharmacy Technicians cannot accept a verbal prescription order from a physician. In all other instances, the Pharmacy Technicians is the point of contact in this work setting for insurance companies, doctors, patients, and other medical professionals.
They receive the prescription, verify the prescription, and prepare the prescription, only leaving the final check to be done by the Pharmacist. This important job is detailed and maintaining accuracy is crucial to a safe and efficient work flow in the Pharmacy. The more time a Pharmacist must spend fixing a Pharmacy Technician’s mistakes, the longer patients wait for their important medicines, and work can rapidly pile up while causing delays for other patients. When choosing a Pharmacy Technician School, it is important to find one with a long-standing reputation for having successful graduates who graduated thoroughly educated and equipped with the important tools they needed to start their career.

Pharmacy Technician Job Opportunities

Pharmacy Technician ProgramUpon graduation of their pharmacy program, Pharmacy Technicians have many options to consider when determining their field of choice for excelling their career. Medical facilities such as Hospitals (private and government), Nursing Care Facilities, Private and Chain Drug Stores, Drug Manufacturing Facilities, Wholesale Drug Houses, and Health Maintenance Organizations are among just a few of the options Pharmacy Technicians may excel their career. Variations in this field can also be separated by duties, for example, in a full-service compounding pharmacy.
Pharmacy Technicians can be hired full-time to work in the lab compounding prescriptions all day. This puts an interesting spin on this field. Compounded prescriptions come in many forms including but not limited to injections, creams, pills, lotions, lollipops, and suppositories. Some of these are just simple enough just to add flavoring to make a medicine more appealing to a child or pet while others have more important functions such as specifically tailored hormone creams.

Pharmacy Accreditation

In addition to completing Pharmacy Technician Courses in a quality Pharmacy Technician Program, graduates have the choice of taking their education further to achieve certification in this exciting field. Whether or not a medical institution requires their students to become certified depends on the requirements set forth by each specific hiring organization. To become certified, students must take a test offered by their state. Upon passing the test they can add the title “Certified Pharmacy Technician” to their portfolio. Often, Certified Pharmacy Technicians have increased salary opportunities. Larger corporations such as Walgreens and Publix usually require this certification. Once certified, the Pharmacy Technician must keep their license active by earning continuing education credits.

This Important Career

This important career is often misunderstood. Many students asking how to become a Pharmacy Technician do not know where to start and don’t understand the requirements of this field. Our school is a great resource for students with these questions. Our courses are flexible to fit various scheduling needs. Our program typically takes about a year or less to fully prepare students for this exciting career. Upon graduation, you will have all the tools you need to become an asset to your future employers and excel in this field to help you take your career to the next level.
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