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How Can You Get into Pharmacy Tech Schools?

Maria Zegarra

Pharmacy Tech School

Studying for a new career is a decision not everyone makes lightly since it’s a change from their daily routine. When considering applying to one of our pharmacy tech schools people want to know if the career they’re going to be studying for will be lucrative down the line. Entering a new career field is an investment not only in time and hard work, but people investing in skills they can use in for the future.

What Does It Take to Be a Pharm Tech?

When going into a new career, one of the first questions people ask is whether they have what it takes to be a pharm tech in the first place. Our pharmacy tech schools are designed to equip students with the tools they need to pursue a meaningful career.

People looking to study in this career field should have a passion for the medical industry. They will also need to have excellent communication and memorization skills since they will be working with people and patients on a daily basis. Pharm techs have to be able to identify brand name and generic drugs and also have the ability to calculate the solution strength and correct dosage for their patients.

People who enter this industry will also be required to perform procedures and techniques and mix different drugs when necessary. They are also required to define the ethics and explain the laws when it comes to their application in the pharmacy. This attention to detail is a necessity in the pharmaceutical industry since there is so much that goes on in the pharmacy.

What Kind of Employment Can Students Expects Upon Graduation?

Our pharmacy tech programs teach students the skills necessary to grow and succeed in their career field. Students who complete the program can expect to work in places like hospitals, grocery store, and drug store pharmacies. Once they enter the workforce, they will be assisting pharmacists with distributing and compounding medication. Pharm techs will be required to help pharmacists to prepare mixtures for intravenous use and will perform other services in a pharmacy setting. The pharmacy industry is incredibly rewarding and is constantly evolving, so there is never a dull moment. Being a pharmacy tech offers people a chance to work in a stable and secure work environment.

Pharmacy Technician ProgramOne of the other caveats of taking one of our pharmacy tech programs is people in this career field also become a point of communication between patient, doctor, insurance company, and other medical professionals. The reason pharmacy techs are key points of communication is because they’re the ones who will constantly be working with all points of contact. They’re the person who will receive a prescription from a patient and then have to verify the prescription in the order will match the medication. Pharm techs are also responsible for preparing the medication for patients to pick-up.

People who attend our pharmacy tech schools and graduate will have to become registered as a pharm tech through the Florida Board of Pharmacy before they can enter their career field. All employers do a background check and drug screen for employment in the State of Florida. Once they have become certified though, they will have the skills to succeed in the workforce. Our classes are designed to prepare students to have an entry-level position in the pharmacy industry. They will learn to prepare different medications for patients and how to work with the pharmacists to ensure patients receive the best care possible.

In addition to the skills we teach students, they can also expect to have a hands-on experience over the course of the program. This allows students to practice their skills in real life scenarios and gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a pharm tech. We encourage potential students who are interested in attending our program to give us a call so we can help them get started on the path to their new career.


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