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Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Growing Demand for Pharmacy Technicians – Why should you become a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy Technicians are in high demand which leads to good job prospects for future graduates. The demand for pharmacy jobs has been high for more than two decades, and it is only expected to continue this on this growth path. [1] The demand has been created by an aging population and chronic illnesses, which will contribute to this expansion in pharmaceutical jobs. While growth is a good thing, this particular demand will require the support of qualified professionals. By becoming a pharmacy technician, you can participate in this expanding industry. With a diploma from the Pharmacy Technician program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology, you will be prepared to capitalize on the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Additional demand for individuals in this career is expected because many of the responsibilities that presently may be performed by a pharmacy aide, including administrative tasks at a pharmacy, will soon need to be completed by a licensed technician.[2] This requirement will create a greater necessity for graduates of Pharmacy Technician programs. At FVI School of Nursing and Technology, students study the professional and technical skills required for employment as a pharmacy technician.

As would be expected, most pharmacy jobs are in pharmacies and drug stores; however, a growing number of companies, including grocery stores and department stores, have incorporated pharmacies into their business models.[3] This has created an even greater need for qualified Pharmacy Technicians. Studying at FVI School of Nursing and Technology’s Pharmacy Technician program, you will have the credentials to work within an array of pharmaceutical environments. A career in the pharmacy field is very promising as the whole pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow about 10% per year for the next decade. [4] Having a career that is in high demand, you are able to choose from many opportunities. Being qualified can command better wages for your future career. Additionally, Pharmacy Technician salaries are likely to rise over the coming years.1 With part-time positions, you can supplement your income. Full-time positions are often complete with health benefits and paid time off. FVI School of Nursing and Technology Pharmacy Technician program can help you increase your earning potential in eleven and a half months!

Perhaps you are looking ahead; what are the opportunities for professional advancement? Beyond the usual duties that a technician may perform, some technicians may advance into specialty fields, including inventory specialist or medical equipment specialist.[5] In specialty fields, you will use your qualifications coupled with experience to elevate your career. Additionally, there are opportunities that exist within management. Often, chain drug stores have lead pharmacy technician career positions in which one could advance, where one could provide leadership, create work schedules, or mentor new hires.[6] Regardless of which route you choose, the program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology will enable you to have the certifications necessary to succeed in the pharmaceutical industry.







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