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Learn More About What Patient Care Technicians Do

A patient care technician is someone who works in the medical field. This is an entry-level position in the medical field that focuses on providing great care for patients in long-term health facilities.

If you are interested in working in the healthcare field, and you love to help others, a career as a patient care technician might be a good option for you. You can learn more about what a patient care technician does, and what patient care technician school looks like below.


Daily Duties and Responsibilities of a Patient Care Technician

Your daily duties as a patient care technician may depend on what type of workplace you are in. You may work in a nursing home, a hospital, or a long-term healthcare facility. In each setting, your specific job duties may be different depending on the type of patients you have and their needs. Regardless of what you do on a daily basis, your job will be to provide the best care possible for your patients. Below, are some duties or responsibilities you may have on a daily basis.

  • Communicate with Patients About Medical NeedsAs a patient care technician, one of your most important job duties will be to talk with patients about their needs or medical concerns. If they are experiencing a problem, your job is to help them or get a doctor or nurse to assist them.
  • Help Patient with Daily Needs You will also help patients with their daily needs as a patient care technician. This could mean helping them get dressed, making their bed, or helping them eat.
  • Perform Basic Medical CareAlso, as a patient care technician, you will perform basic medical care based on your certification and qualifications. For example, you might check vital signs and bathe patients. If you are more qualified or experienced, you might perform duties like drawing blood and using EKG machines.
  • Conduct Patient RoundsPatient rounds will be another essential job duty for a patient care technician. You will have more than one patient you will need to check on and attend to, so you will make rounds to visit each one to make sure they are doing well.
  • Make Patients Smile – As a patient care technician, your focus is on the patients and helping them. An important part of your job is to help them with whatever they need, and if you can, make their day a little bit brighter. If you are the type of person that loves to help others and make them smile, working as a patient care technician could be a good job opportunity for you.

Above, we discussed some of the basic job duties of a patient care technician. Below, you can take a look at what patient care technician school would be like to see if it is right for you.

Is a Patient Care Technician School Right for You?

There are a lot of different options out there for working in the medical field. You could work as a doctor or surgeon or nurse. You could also work as a patient care technician or a home health aide. There are endless possibilities depending on the type of work you want to be doing and the education you want to take. For example, if your goal is to become a doctor, that will take at least eight years of schooling plus a residency. It is a time-consuming and costly program. Nurses can go to less schooling than doctors, but there are even shorter programs than attending a nursing program. A patient care technician program is only a six or sevenmonth program that could get you out into the world of work faster. Learn more about patient care technician school below to see if it could be right for you.

Is a Patient Care Technician School Right for You?Patient care technician school could be a great option for you. This program is great because it is a short amount of schooling, but it prepares you to work in an entry-level position in the healthcare field. This type of schooling is also great because it can prepare you for some rewarding work. You will get the chance to help others with their daily needs and medical needs. Another advantage of a patient care technician program is that it will prepare you for your schooling with courses in anatomy, phlebotomy, electrocardiograms, and patient care. You will also get some real job experience during your patient care technician program during your clinical experience at the end of your program.

The FVI School of Nursing and Technology has a patient care technician program for you to take so that you can start your career as a patient care technician. Learn more about that here.

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