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Three Great Reasons to Enroll in a Patient Care Tech Program

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Patient Care Tech Program

If you have a desire to enter the medical profession for the purpose of helping people and don’t want to go into coding, then the Patient Care Technician program might be precisely what you are looking for. This is a program that is designed specifically for those who want an entry level position in a care facility, though that might be a little bit ambiguous. To clarify, a care facility can include any of the following:

  • Nursing Home
    • Patient Care Tech ProgramPharmacy Technician at FVI School of Nursing and TechnologyNursing homes are often considered to be end of life care facilities for many, though for some it is simply a rehabilitation facility. To work in a nursing home you need to be familiar with a number of different patient conditions both physical and mental. Alzheimers, for example, is a common condition within the elderly and it is critical for you to understand how to deal with such patients. Additionally, you may need to assist in preparing their medication or even helping them to complete some of the most basic everyday tasks. Working in a nursing home setting can challengind but it can also be very rewarding.


  • Rehabilitation Facility
    • These are often considered to be nursing homes but they tend to have very different purposes. A rehabilitation facility is designed to help individuals who have undergone significant trauma in their lives to regain their mobility. This can often include crash victims, fire survivors, and even victims of domestic abuse. Sometimes the damage is not caused by outside influences but rather medical conditions such as stroke.


  • Extended Care Facility
    • The facilities are used to house individuals that will need constant, 24/7 care for a significant portion of their lives, and that means constant interaction and consultation from you.


  • At-Home Services & Home Health Agencies
    • After patient care tech school you may want to work on a more personal level with patients. Sometimes techs work as in-home aids to individuals that need a private nurse, or they may become hospice workers. In many cases you will be assigned multiple patients that you will visit on a regular schedule in their homes. The visits can last an hour or many hours a day or more. You may assist your patients with mobility around the house, medications, bathing, cooking and even shopping. It’s a great career choice even if it is just a jumping off point to something more lucrative later on.


The Training You’ll Receive

You can expect to receive a wide variety of training in your field and you will be studying for a number of different certifications including domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, OSHA, Universal Precautions, Self Administered Medication, CPR, Infection, and much more. This is a great career that can help to open doors to other amazing career opportunities in the future.

Get Into the Field

FVI School of Nursing and TechnologyAs a graduate you’re going to find many different career opportunities, but it all starts with making sure that you’ve enrolled in our program. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify so if you’re worried about the financial aspects, we will assist you in understanding your education financing options.

We know you may have a lot of questions and will be more than happy to help you understand everything you need to get started at FVI and on to your new career! After you graduate, we will assist you in locating your first job.

Students can begin working in the field as soon as they complete the program and receive the required certifications. To work in a hospital setting you will need to pass the Certified Nursing assistant exam, both written and practical. Still, there are some amazing opportunities here for those willing to go the extra mile and get the required education.

Kick start your career and your life today with the proper patient technician care course in Miami today. It’s one of the quickest ways to get your foot in the door of the medical industry – a notoriously difficult industry to get into. We make it as simple as possible!


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