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Surviving Nursing School

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Nursing School

Nurses across the world show compassion and provide care to millions of patients. Being a nurse continually offers opportunities to engage in rewarding work, however, getting through nursing school can be overwhelming. As the need for nurses continues to rise, it is essential to have the right tips to help you gain skills and confidence as you work towards your nursing career.


Know your learning style

This is a guide on practical tips and advice towards surviving nursing school:

Nursing school involves learning about complex physiological and biological processes. As a nursing student, you will be tasked with showing your understanding of complicated medical jargon, medical procedures and their applications. Knowing how you best study will go a long way towards easing the pressure. There are different types of learners: those who prefer graphic elements, hearing and discussing, reading assignments and taking notes, or through practice and recreation. Once you identify your learning style, you can find study materials to cater to you.

Set a study schedule and stick to it

Succeeding in nursing school is mainly about time management and prioritizing. “Winging it” isn’t an option. Rather than rushing to cram for an exam a day or two before, review your notes throughout the semester. For example, a 30-minute study session every day can alleviate test and deadline anxieties. Adopt smart study habits such as:

  • Reviewing the syllabus for each class you are taking at the beginning of the semester to get a sense of the projects, tests, and assignments.
  • Using a planner, put in your exam dates, project deadlines and clinical shift schedules to help you stay on track.
  • Organizing your notes in a binder and review your lessons for the day.
  • Maximizing your study time rather than studying distractedly for hours.
  • Taking advantage of campus resources such as tutors, study guides, and testing strategies.

Join a study group

Despite being a rewarding profession, nursing is rigorous. It is difficult to survive on your own, and just like nurses in the field depend on their co-workers to get through a shift, so will you. Forge relationships with other students for encouragement, support and accountability. Study groups in nursing school help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve on them together.

Carve out time for self-care

Just as it is vital to stick to a study schedule in nursing school, so is taking a break from studying. Spending sleepless nights cramming and powering through will not serve you. For every hour or two of studying, take a 10-minute break. Taking breaks has been proven to make you more productive. Adopt physical exercise to re-energize yourself, things like Zumba, running, swimming, aerobic dancing, or a brisk walk in a park. Avoid skipping meals. Staying nourished will help you stay focused in nursing school.

Remember your “why”

Everyone has a reason why they enrolled in nursing school. Whether it is the desire to make a change by touching a life through compassion or inspiration from a nurse who cared for a loved one, never forget your “why.” Remembering the reason you chose to become a nurse will get you through tough times in nursing school. Use your reason as fuel to power you through hard times.

While nursing school may be challenging, the pride and sense of accomplishment you will feel when graduating and making an impact in another person’s life will be worth the effort. These tips will provide a great launching pad for nursing school. Get in touch with the FVI School of Nursing and Technology today at 786-574-3350 for more information about our programs.


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