Phlebotomy: following a safe and proper technique for routine blood draw.

Medical Assistant students have a hands-on practice with Instructor Fabian Gonzales at the Miramar Campus. Definition of Phlebotomy According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, Phlebotomy (plural phlebotomies) is:  The drawing of blood (as by venipuncture) for transfusion, apheresis, diagnostic testing, or experimental procedures NOTE: Phlebotomy was once widely used to treat many types of disease but is now limited […]

Phlebotomy Practice Day in Miami

Phlebotomy Practice in FVI -Miami Campus Phlebotomy Practice Day in Miami. Good things happen when you get to spend some time with our Patient Care Tech and Medical Assistant students and their professor. If Phlebotomy? is a subject that interest you, and you are thinking in becoming a certified Phlebotomist, it is important that you […]

CNA Vs. Phlebotomist – What’s the Difference?

As you think of entering a medical assistant program, you have many of the same questions that other students do. Can you imagine living in a time before the internet, when you would have to ask around and get this information? These days, figuring out the difference between these career choices is much easier, and […]

What is a Phlebotomist Course?

Studying for a new career can be challenging in today’s modern age, but overall it could be for the best. You’re making an investment in not only yourself, but your future. Securing a position in a growing and expanding career field which will prove to be meaningful in the long run. Our patient care technician […]