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What is the Average Medical Assistant’s Salary? | FVI

A medical assistant has a unique role that is both clinical and administrative. Each assistant must have an intimate knowledge of the medical industry, insurance codes, and clinical expertise, while demonstrating a keen ability to handle administrative tasks. You are an office administrator, a patient’s first point of contact, and insurance claims master. A medical assistant’s responsibilities require them to wear many hats.

With all these roles in mind, the most common questions we are asked are: What is the average medical assistant’s salary? What is the starting pay for a medical assistant? What factors influence how much medical assistants make?

These are important questions to ask before you choose a healthcare vocational school. Let’s unpack the answers here.


The Average Medical Assistant’s Salary

On average, a medical assistant’s salary ranges between $30,000 and $36,000. The median salary for a medical assistant is $32,480, which is an hourly rate of $15.41. The median salary is amount made by a medical assistant in the “middle” [1]. So, half of the medical assistants earned less than $32,000, and half earned more.


Hourly Wage vs. Salary

It is important to understand the hourly rate for a medical assistant if you hope to become one! Most medical offices pay administration staff an hourly wage, or something equivalent.

Though there might not seem like a big difference between hourly rates and salary, there are a few things to keep in mind [2] [3].

  • Hourly medical assistants are more likely to receive overtime, keep that in mind as you track your hours working as a medical assistant, and ask your employer about time tracking!
  • Hourly medical assistants don’t usually receive as many medical and financial benefits as salaried employees.
  • Hourly raises tend to be lower, on average; keep that in mind when you think about your long terms goals and ideal salary working as a medical assistant.

Be sure to address the clinics, laboratories, and doctors who pay hourly wages. Make sure you know what you’re getting before you take the job!


Factors That Influence a Medical Assistant’s Salary

The pay gap between high earning and low earning medical assistants is not large. You may be able to start at $30,000 right after graduating the medical assistant training program Fort Lauderdale.

Starting pay for a medical assistant is based on years of experience. Like most professions, you have to earn the wage you make by gaining experience in the medical industry. Highly skilled medical assistants are valuable because they are often the column that supports the daily routines in a doctor’s office.


A Stepping Stone

A career as a medical assistant is more than fulfilling for most – it is challenging in all the right ways! However, for some, a job as medical assistant is the perfect stepping stone to another career in the medical industry.

Read more about the differences between a medical assistant and a pharmacy tech and between a medical assistant and a registered nurse to discover what the next step might be for you!




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