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Medical Office Administration Jobs

Getting an Associate Degree in Health Sciences with a focus in Medical Office Administration opens a host of career opportunities. With Medical Office Administration jobs projected to increase by 32 percent in the next eight years, there are many job opportunities for those with appropriate training. Ranging from managerial work at a private clinic to clerical support work at a hospital, the job prospects for those with a degree focusing on Medical Office Administration and Management are very promising.

Medical Office Management

One of the main jobs you can get with training in Medical Office Administration is management at medical offices like clinics, private practices or urgent care facilities. Tasks included in medical office management range from management of patient medical records, enforcement of the practice’s HIPPA compliance and even assisting physicians with documentation and paperwork. The average salary for someone in medical office management ranges from $38,000 to $88,000 a year.

Medical Secretary

You can also become a medical secretary by getting an Associate Degree in Medical Office Administration. As a Medical Secretary, you’ll be in charge of supporting the clinical staff of the practice. This includes sorting and distributing mail, scheduling patient appointments, preparing medical reports and transcribing patient and provider communications. Medical Secretaries are essential to the operation of a medical office and can earn up to $22 an hour. That means you’ll have the annual earning potential of $52,000 on average.

Hospital Unit Support Representative

If you have a passion for customer service and would like to bring that into the medical field, a position as a hospital unit support representative might appeal to you. As a unit representative, you’ll be at the forefront of your hospital unit. You’ll be entrusted with corresponding with patients, maintaining patient charts, scheduling patients, ensuring patient satisfaction and collecting insurance co-pays. Hospital unit Support Representatives can earn up to $15 an hour with plenty of opportunities for professional growth. With a degree in Medical Office Administration, you’ll learn essential skills that will help you succeed as a unit representative. Some of those skills include booking appointments and maintaining proper patient records.

Earn a Medical Office Administration Degree

With all the possible career opportunities in Medical Office Administration, you’re probably wondering which path to take to pursue a degree in the field. At FVI School of Nursing and Technology, you’ll not only learn the best skills needed to excel in a role of medical management, but you’ll also earn an Associate Degree in Health Sciences that can make you even more marketable in the workforce. Call 786-574-3350 today to learn more about FVI’s programs. With FVI School of Nursing and Technology, you can embark on a promising and in-demand career.


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