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Where To Take the Medical Assistant Exam

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Medical Assistant Career
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Have you considered the role that medical assistants play in our healthcare system? In 2023, as we navigate a world forever changed by global health challenges, medical assistants are sought after to help doctors serve patients.

Medical assistants bridge the gap between patients and doctors. But how do you begin this journey towards a career in the medical field?

This article will discuss how to become a medical assistant and where to take the exam.

Medical Assistant Training

To become a medical assistant, you should search for training programs that suit you. You’ll want to consider enrolling in a program that will teach you the information you need to know to pass the medical assistant exam, fits into your busy schedule, and offers financial aid if you qualify.

A quality medical assistant program will cover exam topics that test your knowledge throughout the course. These topics include clinical competency, legal and ethical issues, and subjects associated with patient care.

Wondering where to find training of this caliber? Enroll in the medical assistant program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology.

We offer a meticulous curriculum to provide the knowledge you need to pass the exam and find a job as a medical assistant.

Understanding the Medical Assistant Exam

Becoming a medical assistant includes understanding the Certified Medical Assistant Exam (CMA). This exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions intended to rigorously evaluate your knowledge and skills in the medical assisting field.

It’s important to note that out of these 200 questions, 180 are scored and contribute to your final result, while the remaining 20 are pretested questions. These pretested questions are not scored and are used to gather statistical data for future exams.

This structure ensures the exam remains current and relevant, accurately reflecting the evolving practices and knowledge in the medical field.

Applying For and Taking the Exam

To apply for this exam, you will want to complete a medical assistant training program. Next, you’ll apply for the exam online and submit any necessary documentation.

CMA candidates can choose to take the exam online or in-person at a Prometric Test Center.

While you’re waiting to take the CMA, study the information covered during your training program. After taking the exam, you will immediately see an official pass/fail notification.

If you pass the exam and have all program requirements verified, you will be awarded the CMA (AAMA) credential, which will be confirmed by the issuance of a digital badge.

Find Your Stride with FVI

Becoming a medical assistant is a decision that opens doors to a world of opportunities. As you consider taking this transformative step, remember that the quality of your education and training is paramount.

At FVI, we are committed to nurturing your aspirations. By choosing to attend our medical assistant program, you are taking a step towards a new career in healthcare career.

Enroll in FVI’s Medical Assistant Program to get the support and education you need to succeed.

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