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What is a Pharmacy Technician and should you become one?

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Become A Pharmacy Tech

Have you ever felt regret over something…like an opportunity presented itself and you simply watched it pass you by? Each day, new opportunities present themselves and it is up to each one of us to take them. Be proactive and seize the moment before it passes you by. Do not lament over a missed opportunity again. Take a chance and dare to step out of your comfort zone to pursue something new.
This could be said about going to school or returning to a higher education. Whether you just graduated high school, or you missed your chance to further your schooling, it is not too late.

Perhaps you have a passion to help people in the medical field but you are too squeamish to be a nurse or surgeon. Have you ever considered being a pharmacist? If so, enroll and attend a pharmacy technician program. Begin your career the right way at the FVI School of Nursing and Technology in Miami, Florida.

Is your career a Pharmacy Technician Career?

As far back as 1821, colleges have been training students for pharmaceutical practices, so while this is not a new career choice, it still is a necessary career path. Any medication that is prescribed by a doctor or physician that is “over-the-counter” has first gone through the hands of a pharmacist. Once you enter this field of study, your opportunities are endless. From Drug Stores, and Grocery Store Pharmacies, to Mail-order Pharmacies, and Hospital Pharmacies.

You can use this education as a stepping stone to a more advanced career in the future. The amount of training, dedication, and hard work will determine how far you will go. But do not waste time – get your foot in the door and enroll today to see what pharmaceutical avenues suit you best.

What does this pharmacy Technician Career entail?

pharmacy Technician CareerThe opportunities that await you after you complete your pharmacy technician training, are virtually endless. If you don’t know what pharmaceutical careers require, continue reading.

When a doctor or physician prescribes a patient an over-the-counter medication, the medication will need to be sorted into the proper bottles, counted out according to dosage, and then packaged. If it is being mailed, it will need labeled and prepped for mailing.

At FVI School of Nursing and Technology, you will learn how to:

Identify drugs by both generic and brand name, calculate (with different measurement systems) the correct dosage and solution strength, perform techniques and procedures to compound and mix different drugs, define ethics and explain the laws that apply to the practice of pharmacy, and perform functions that are connected to institutional and clinical distribution systems.

Pharmacy technician schools in Miami are vital

We offer a variety of allied health programs at FVI and we work hard to ensure the education you receive is of high quality and will prepare you to hit the ground running in your new chosen career. Whether pharmacy technician is your career choice destination, or merely a stepping stone towards higher medical education, FVI is a wonderful place to start. With the hands on real world training and practice, we offer, you can enter the medical field as a professional without needing the 7-8 years of college. With a good income, manageable hours, and in a professional setting, the job is a college graduate’s dream.

Are you ready to make a decision towards your future?

Visit our campus where you can meet our students and staff, and learn more about FVI School of Nursing and Technology and the programs we offer. Get ready to enroll in our upcoming program to begin the journey to a new life.

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