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What Is A Medical Office Administrator?

A Medical Office Administrator (MOA) wears many hats in a medical office. Often an unrecognized hero, the MOA is responsible for ensuring smooth day-to-day operations using vital organizational and data management skills. The accuracy and the integrity of patient records, notes and insurance claims can not be undervalued. Records management is vital for quality patient care.  

Healthcare Students Improving Patient Care 

As a healthcare student, you can improve medical care and even shape future medical policies.   

Upon completing your course work, students can apply for internships and externships. For 3-6 weeks, you can work with actual patients and use your learned skills.  

Volunteering is another option that allows medical students to see the community’s medical needs, help others, and gain hands-on experience in improving patient care. 

Healthcare students can take elective courses or complete independent studies while working on a degree or certification. Independent research provides insights into more areas of need for patient care.  

Before entering the medical field, students shape policies by staying informed on current events and research while advocating for better patient policies in their communities. Further, joining clubs and committees allow for networking and learning opportunities that benefit patients.  

Finally, healthcare students receive an education based on the latest research and technologies. Caregivers equipped with the latest knowledge and skills benefit patients with the utmost in competent care—better care for more positive outcomes for patients.  

What does a Medical Office Administrator Do? 

The MOA is responsible for all patient data. In addition, the MOA takes care of general office duties and management: 

Office Management 

The MOA guarantees that the office opening and closing procedures are followed. In addition, they ensure that patient booking and scheduling are handled efficiently and follow the office’s operating guidelines. Reception duties and helping physicians with office tasks including email management, posting mail, invoices and ordering inventory can be the responsibility of the Medical Office Administrator depending on the size of the facility. 

Records Management 

Primary responsibilities include the documentation of patients’ health information, including medical history, symptoms, treatments and test results. In addition, the MOA assigns codes for medical procedures and diagnoses for insurance filing and creates electronic records. Further, the administrator maintains HIPAA and CMS compliance. 

 Salary Expectations 

Medical Office Administrator jobs pay an average of $24.00 per hour or a yearly average salary of $54,000 per year. Depending on location and office size, compensation ranges from $20,000- $97,000 per year.  

FVI Prepares Students  

FVI School of Nursing and Technology’s Medical Office Administrator Program prepares and empowers students with coursework leading to certifications through the National Association of Health Professionals.  Students have the flexibility to attend classes online or in-person, either during the day or the evening.  

Begin your journey to a promising and fulfilling career as a Medical Office Administrator. Call FVI at 786.574.3350 today for more information.  

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