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Patient Care Tech Guide: Duties, Requirements, And Job Outlook For 2024

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What Is A Patient Care Technician

In 2024, the healthcare industry will continue to evolve, presenting new opportunities for a rewarding career. One potentially fulfilling career path is becoming a patient care technician (PCT). These professionals play a crucial role in the healthcare system by providing direct support to nurses and doctors in hospitals and other healthcare settings. As a PCT, you can choose from various career paths to find patient care technician jobs that suit your personal and professional goals. Read on to learn more about their duties, requirements, and the job outlook for the rest of the year.

What Is a Patient Care Technician?

A patient care technician is a healthcare provider who supports other medical staff in providing physical and mental care to patients. A team supervises PCT nursing staff to perform the following tasks:

  • Monitoring patient feeding
  • Providing basic nursing care
  • Escorting patients to diagnostic imaging processes
  • Quantifying vital signs
  • Collecting specimens
  • Checking blood pressure and heart rate

The role of a PCT allows you to establish strong connections with patients as you provide them with regular care. You can interact with patients in various ways, and your roles can change depending on their needs.

What Do You Need to Become a Patient Care Technician?

Becoming a patient care technician requires various skills to perform your job effectively. You must be attentive to ensure patients receive the needed care. You must possess problem-solving skills, good communication, time management, and customer service skills. Some of these skills are natural, and others need practice.

To acquire the knowledge and skills to become a patient care technician, you must begin by acquiring your High School diploma or GED. Next, you must pursue further education, depending on your practice location and the area of patient care that you’d like to specialize in. Many states require that you complete a certified nursing assistant training program at a technical or vocational school or community college. These programs cover pharmacology, physiology, medical terminology, anatomy, and safety.

Once you’ve completed the training program, you must pass a Certified Patient Care Technician/Assistant exam to attain your certificate. After attaining the necessary certification, you can begin searching for patient care technician jobs.

The Patient Care Technician Employment Market

A career as a PCT allows you to work in settings like rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals. In all these areas, you’re in charge of ensuring that common areas, patient rooms, and equipment are clean and decluttered.

Emergencies are common in healthcare settings. Therefore, you must be able to respond quickly and calmly to patients. Additionally, you must prioritize tasks and manage time effectively to accomplish your duties.

Begin Your Patient Care Career Today

An aging population means that demand for PCT positions could continue growing in 2024 onward. Take advantage of this opportunity today by enrolling in the FVI School of Nursing and Technology’s PCT program. For further information and personalized assistance from a member of our admissions team, contact us today.

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