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What Is A Patient Care Technician

4 Ways to Improve Patient Care as a PCT

A PCT or patient care technician is on the ground interacting with patients every day. They work to help patients with everyday life as well as medical concerns. Most patient care technicians do great work at their jobs, but that does not mean they can’t improve their patient care. Learn more about four ways PCTs can improve patient care, and learn more about patient care technician training below.


4 Ways Patient Care Technicians Can Improve Patient Care

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How can you improve your patient care as a patient care technician? Check out four ways you can do this below, and let us know if they worked for you.

  • Strong Communication and Collaboration with Team Members – One way patient care technicians can provide better patient care is to communicate and collaborate better with team members. Patient care technicians do not work alone. They work with other patient care technicians as well as doctors and nurses. All of these medical professionals can provide better care by communicating clearly with one another. When they communicate and collaborate, they ensure that each patient is getting the care they need, but if they do not, someone might not be getting good care. For example, one patient could be missing out on the care they need because a few different medical professionals assume that someone else already helped the patient. These medical professionals failed the patient because they failed to communicate and collaborate. Improving patient care could be as simple as improving communication.
  • Treat Each Patient as an Individual – Another way to provide better patient care is to treat each patient as an individual. When you are a patient care technician, you see a lot of patients every day. Your job is to help many patients, so it can be easy to lump them together. However, to provide better care, work on seeing each patient as an individual, and treat them the way you would want to be treated. Each patient is unique, and they have their own personality, struggles, and concerns. When you recognize that, you will be able to serve them better and feel better about the job you are doing.
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    Answer Medical Questions or Concerns – One of the roles of a patient care technician is making sure that each patient understands what is going on medically. Patients in a long-term healthcare facility may have one or more medical issues. It is easy for doctors to diagnose these issues without ensuring that the patients fully understand what is going on. Patient care technicians can help patients understand more fully by listening to their needs and questions. When you work as a patient care technician, you may not have all the answers that a doctor or nurse does, but you can answer the patient within your expertise, and reach out to a doctor or nurse if that patient needs them. A patient care technician can often be a bridge to understanding between a doctor and a patient because a patient care technician spends more time with the patient. When you work as a patient care technician, you can also relay health concerns a patient may have to a nurse or doctor to be sure the patient is getting the best care.

  • Help with Patient Empowerment – One final way that patient care technicians can improve patient care is to help with empowerment. As discussed above, patients that you work with as a patient care technician may have one or more serious health issues. However, that does not mean the patient cannot be empowered to work on their health or improve their situation. While the doctor or nurse will provide the treatment options, a patient care technician can help encourage the patient to see these treatments and exercises through.

Which of these four ways to improve patient care was your favorite? Patient care technicians have a vital role in our healthcare system, and they do great work helping patients every day. If this career is something that might interest you, you can learn more about patient care technician classes below.


How Patient Care Technician Class Will Prepare You for a Good Career

Patient care technicians are great at helping others because it is their job. They look out for patients in long-term healthcare facilities, and they help them with day-to-day activities. However, to become a patient care technician, you need some education and training. This will ensure that you know how to properly care for patients and provide basic medical care. You can take patient care technician programs at FVI School of Nursing and Technology or FVI. This will help prepare you for a rewarding job providing great patient care.

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