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What kind of job can I get as a web developer?

Society’s rapid adoption of the web has created a need for businesses to leverage this communication channel as a means to provide industry specific information to prospective consumers. The Internet is a massive storehouse of code and it continues to grow by the minute. The need to upload new content and update the presentation of existing content is a necessity that all businesses face today. For this reason, career opportunities in the web Development field are now in high demand and will continue to be in high demand for years to come. With an expectation for a high supply of work the real question becomes, “Where should I work?” and “What kind of job should I choose?”


In this article, we will try to help you answer this question. Our explanation of the multiple career opportunities available, based on your career path focus, in the market place will be able to help you find the best fit for your personality.


Let’s start with the different day-to-day responsibilities available to web developers.


The most popular option is the Web Development career path (link). This is considered the most enjoyable of the different career options for Web Developers. Web developers can expect to work with entities ranging from business to business, consumer packaged goods, business to consumer, etc. Web development projects are shorter in time and allow for extensive collaboration with creative teams, UX/UI teams, content writers, account managers, PR teams, and brand leaders. Web developers are in charge of the website(s) and because of this responsibility, this role has high visibility in the work place. To top it off, your work will be in display in the World Wide Web, and anyone from anywhere in the world can see your work at anytime.


If you want to work on creating tools, then consider the Software Engineer path. This type of job typically entails working in small teams with a common goal of creating highly usable solutions, which requires great logic and patience. While the projects will be very straight forward, software engineers have a history of success.  Some success examples include Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla automotive, and Eric Schmidt, an executive chairman with Google’s parent company Alphabet. Both Elon and Eric started as software engineers and are now ranked amongst the richest men in the world. As you can see, the potential for success is always present for software engineers.


A similar career path to software development is the Web Application career. The daily routine is different because the projects have a smaller time commitment and the work entails dealing with multiple sources of code, requiring API development and less planning. Web applications live on the cloud (it course link), so be prepared to get familiar with servers and cloud management. This can be a very challenging job because it requires the creation of tools that currently do not exist or the betterment of existing tools. You will be working on code that will be used daily to make people more efficient and this sort of outcome can be very rewarding.


Due to the nature and sheer size of the web, you can find work anywhere in the world, code is a universal language, and for those of you who like to work alone, fear not, chances are that you will be able to find many opportunities to work on projects remotely.


No matter which career path you choose, make sure to explore your options and do your homework on web developer job opportunities. There are, and will continue to be, many opportunities for web developers so be picky and find a fulfilling job that best fits your personality, goals and routine.


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