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Highest-Paying Tech Jobs 2020 & Beyond


Technology is at the center of everything we do, it even brought you to this page you’re reading right now. As technologies continue to grow, so will the demand for jobs in tech fields. The demand for tech-savvy employees is growing, with unemployment for tech workers at half the average unemployment rate for the country.1 For graduates of our tech school in South Florida, this means that they’re in high demand. There’s a growing number of tech jobs without a qualified workforce, and that’s where you come in. With training from our team at FVI School of Technology, you can qualify for high-paying technology jobs in 2020.

Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in 2020

Despite these last few months feeling like decades, the year isn’t over yet. With our online tech school in Miramar opening soon for the Spring 2020 semester, you can get on track to enter the field of high-paying tech jobs. Some of the highest-paying tech jobs in 2020 include:

  • Web Developer, $56,900 annual salary
  • UX Designer, $90,697 annual salary2
  • Mobile Developer, $106,947 annual salary3
  • Senior Software Engineer, $113,338 annual salary4
  • Chief Information Security Officer, $228,6125
  • Security Architect, $153,4396
  • Network Security Engineer, $114,0547

High-Paying Technology Jobs in 2020 Growing in Demand

If you plan to work towards a career in software engineering, web development, or cyber security in the coming months, know that many of the high-paying technology jobs of 2020 will continue to be popular high-paying tech jobs in 2021 and beyond. Industry growth trends predict that the following will be popular high paying tech jobs in the years to come:

  • Information Security Analysts, $98,350 annual salary with 28% growth
  • Computer and Information Research Scientists, $118,370 annual salary with 19% growth
  • Database Admins, $90,070 annual salary with 11% growth
  • Software Developers, $105,590 average salary with 24% growth

The above high-paying tech jobs prove that technology is growing, and so is the demand for qualified job applicants. 8

Getting a High Paying Tech Job

The demand for skilled tech workers is only growing, and our team at FVI School of Technology is here to help you earn the real-world skills you need to get hired in the tech industry.

Students in our programs such as our fully-online cybersecurity program will graduate with a portfolio and certifications, giving them a competitive edge over others who are applying for the highest paying tech jobs of 2020. Contact us or call 305-783-3599today to learn more about the programs and courses we offer to help students get started in tech careers.


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