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Frontend vs Backend vs Full-Stack Web Development

Web development is one of the fastest growing trades in the world. The consumer adoption of modern day computers and mobile devices, combined with our needs as a society to consume information rapidly and on demand, has created a lot of work for companies that have and/or need a web presence. As such, tremendous opportunities exist today for developers of all different skill sets to obtain a stable job and become a strong provider.

For the purposes of this article, we will be looking at the web development discipline from three possible career paths: Frontend Development, Backend Development and Full Stack Web Development.

Front-end Web Developers

Front-end web developers typically work on multiple projects at once and can work on hundreds of web properties in a year, utilizing technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to make the visual part of websites work properly across all electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones. Front-end web developers built the Internet as we see it today (Client-Side), and since the Internet has expanded and is in a constant need of updates. The job of a front-end developer will continue to be in high demand and will be necessary for the years to come as we continue to move into a society who relies more and more on the web.

Back-end Web Developers

On the other hand, a back-end web developer works on the code that makes systems possible, such as Customer Relation Management systems, databases, custom platforms, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Back-end developers typically work on code that allows entities to be more efficient, yet the jobs tend to be project focused and take months to complete. You should expect to work on a minimal amount of projects with many moving parts. Since your work as a back-end developer will be on the server-side, it will not be seen by the Internet world, but it is critical to increase efficiency and to support operations in multiple entities. Back-end development teams tend to be smaller in nature, therefore, your value is higher when compared to a frontend web developer. However, a tendency seen in back-end developers is that mastering one specific programming language may be disadvantageous as that language can potentially be outdated in the future.

Full-Stack Web Developers

Then there comes Full Stack Web Developers who work on both sides of the Web Development, working with both Frontend and Backend Web Development skills. These web developers typically have many years of experience as they are the go to person for complete web projects. This means that they have the passion for building beautiful web projects as we see them today and have a drive for making the web work smoothly and effortlessly improving our total experience on the web. You can expect to work on a large variety of projects from basic website development, web applications to large and complex systems focused around building the web as we know it today.

Both career paths satisfy different personalities, so it is important to know that whichever path is best for you. Coding is an ever-evolving trade requiring active learning to stay up-to-date with the latest tips, tricks and new code technologies.

FVI Program

In our 9-month Web Developer Program we focus on building students to learn both Frontend and Backend Web Development, making them Full-Stack Web Developers. Full Stack Web Developers are in high demand as they have a strong understanding on how both sides (front end vs back end) of web development allowing them to work on projects as simple as single page website to full service websites with thousands of pages.