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What Medical Training Do I Need to Work in a Doctor’s Office?

When people think of working in the medical field, they often think of doctors and nurses. However, there are many other jobs and career options apart from those two. Below, we take a look at a few different medical career options and the type of training or schooling you need for each one. Check out the information below if you want to work in a doctor’s office or the medical field.

Medical Jobs in Doctor’s Offices or Hospitals

Medical information and technology are growing quickly. People are often finding new ways to treat and help patients with different medical issues and health concerns. This means the medical field is growing, and it could be a great place for a future career. You do not just have to be a nurse or doctor to work in the medical field, either. Check out some of your other job options in the medical field below.

  • Physician Assistant – A physician assistant or PA is someone who can do many of the duties that a doctor can do, but this position does not require a doctorate degree. A physician’s assistant can perform tasks like doing procedures and prescribing medications. However, to become a physician assistant, you still need to complete a master’s degree program, which can be time-consuming. To become a physician assistant, you need to complete a four-year undergraduate degree and a two-year master’s degree program.
  • Nurse – Nurses are needed in doctor’s offices and hospitals. The specific job duties of a nurse may depend on the particular setting they are working in, but nurses do a lot of work to help doctors treat patients and help patients achieve optimal health. There are a few different ways to become a nurse. You can get a diploma from a nursing program, you can get a bachelor’s degree in nursing, or you can get an associate’s degree in nursing. You also have to pass a National Council Licensure Examination for nursing to be able to practice as a nurse.
  • Medical Interpreter – When you think about working in the medical field, this is probably not the first career that comes to mind, but working as a medical interpreter can be very important. Medical interpreters are more in demand for areas with a lot of diversity. These interpreters can help if patients speak very little English. This is essential work because a language barrier is not something you want to have when you are talking about the health and well-being of a patient. It is important that the patient be able to explain their symptoms and issues so that the doctor can treat them correctly. A medical interpreter needs to be able to speak different languages as well as having good interpersonal skills. It is also great to have a basic knowledge of medicine and medical care so that you can explain things to patients correctly.
  • Medical Assistant – A medical assistant is another career option for someone looking to work in a doctor’s office or hospital. This type of position requires someone to have a basic knowledge of medical care as well as great administrative skills. This is because a medical assistant will help with scheduling patient appointments and handling insurance as well as taking patient vital signs and performing basic medical care. The specific job duties of a medical assistant will depend on the specific place the assistant is hired to work. However, it is essential that a medical assistant has a basic knowledge of medical procedures and patient care. A person can gain this knowledge and skill through a medical assistant school or medical assistant training program. This training can usually be completed in less than a year.

Medical Assistant Training ProgramThose were a few examples of careers related to the medical field. If you are working in any of these positions, you could work in a doctor’s office or hospital. However, all of these jobs do require some type of training. The specific training depends on the particular job and the requirements for the position. To get a job like that of a medical assistant, you can attend a training program that lasts nine months. This program can get you trained quickly so that you can be ready to work soon.

FVI School of Nursing and Technology has a medical assistant training program that you can attend. This program teaches you about medical office procedures, clinical procedures, patient care, medical exams, and more. You can even do a medical assistant externship during this program to give you some real-world experience. Click here to learn more about the medical assistant program at FVI.

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