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New Year’s Resolutions for Healthcare Students & Nursing Students

New Year’s Resolutions for Healthcare Students & Nursing Students

The new year has started. Perhaps even more significantly, the new decade has started! Whether you are someone thinking of becoming a student or you are already studying for a career in healthcare, it is helpful to set up a few goals and resolutions. And there is no better time for that then now at the start of the year.

At FVI School of Nursing our healthcare and nursing school in Florida, we want our students to succeed inside the classroom and out in the job market. As they work through one of our top-rated healthcare programs or nursing programs, our academic advisors will provide them with the resources they need to kick-start their careers.

In that vein, here is a list of New Year’s resolutions for healthcare students compiled by the team at FVI School of Nursing. Work toward these goals and you’ll have a successful 2020!

Think of Your Health & Exercise More

A less known fact of being a healthcare professional, but especially a nurse, is that you will be on your feet for long stretches of time. Nurses working on the floor are on their feet for hours and likely walk several miles during a shift as they go from one patient’s room to another. In addition to investing in a good pair of supportive shoes, healthcare students should try to stay physically fit. Staying fit is one of the more valuable New Year’s resolutions for nursing students. Eating healthy and regularly exercising will help keep your body strong and stamina long-lasting.

Maintain A Reasonable School-Life Balance

This year remember to take better care of yourself by maintaining a healthy school-life balance. Even as you go through one of our accelerated healthcare courses like our Associate Degree in Nursing or Diploma in Practical Nursing programs, it important to reserve some time for yourself and your family. Luckily, at FVI, we offer our students flexible schedules so they can balance their school, work, and personal time easier. Keeping a schedule, having 8 hours of sleep, and waking up early also helps keep you balanced during your time as a student.

Expand Your Professional Network

Even as a student, you can already start expanding your professional network. However, networking is most important right after you’ve graduated. Try to find a good mentor. That could be someone from your friend circle who works in a similar healthcare field you plan on entering. It could also be a professional connection you made during your clinicals. For newly hired nurses, joining a professional nursing organization will open plenty of networking and learning opportunities right out of the gate.

Do you want to pursue a career in healthcare in 2020? FVI School of Nursing offers a wide range of accredited healthcare programs. To request more information on any of our programs or get instructions on how to apply, contact us or give us a call! One of our academic advisors will love to assist you through the enrollment process.