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Being a Full-time Student, Working Full-time and Making Time for Both

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Doing it all: Work + School

While some students put off entry into the Real World as long as possible, others like yourself dive right in ASAP. No one knows hard work like you do, what with the juggling of full and rigorous schedules both at FVI School of Nursing and Technology and at work. But life as a multitasker extraordinaire can be exhausting and if not balanced correctly, work in all spheres can suffer. Here, a few tips to stay on track at home, at school and at work.

  • Keep a single calendar and schedule everything on it, all in one place. Add in work and school responsibilities as well as social engagements. All of them are important for different reasons, and when plans are mapped out in one spot, you’re able to truly manage your time and allot the proper amount of it for each event.


  • Learn to say no. For many, it’s a lesson that takes some time. You’ve taken on a lot, and many fellow students just won’t get how protective of your time you need to be. If you know you need a relaxing night on your own, don’t let yourself be coerced into meeting up with friends. Your time and energy are valuable, and while letting loose can be a great thing, you know best about where your efforts and energies should be placed.


  • Try to be present. Sounds a little woo woo, but keeping your thoughts an efforts on the task at hand—be it studying for an exam, dealing with a work issue or letting off some steam with friends—will help you accomplish your to-dos with more focus and less stress. Far easier said than done for sure, but alternative—worrying mid-study session not about doing well on your exam but tasks to take care of at work is a recipe for disaster and anxiety.


  • Have a weekly standing date—go on, put it on the calendar—when you take at least an hour away from the craziness that is your schedule for evaluation purposes only. Make note of upcoming deadlines, appointments and must-dos. Write lists; organize your calendar; in short, relax and prepare for the week ahead. You’ll head into it with a calm mind and a clear idea of what you have to accomplish.


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