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5 Steps to Help You Choose the Right Career

FVI - FVI School of Nursing and Technology LogoWhen you are young, people always ask you what you want to be when you grow up, but as a kid, you cannot really be expected to know. Even as a young adult, it can be hard to choose the right career path, and there is often a lot of pressure to find the perfect career. If you need some help in choosing your career, check out the steps below to help you make the career choice that is right for you.

  1. Do Some Research – The first step in choosing a career is to do some research. It is important to do research because you might find careers and jobs you never knew about before. We tend to be aware of jobs like doctors, teachers, nurses, and lawyers, but there are many jobs you would not think of right away. For example, a job in cybersecurity might not be something you think about right away. You also might not think of a pharmacy technician as a common job, but either of these options might be a good fit for you.
  2. Investigate Things That Interest You – After you’ve done some general research about jobs and careers, it’s time to dive in deeper to things that caught your interest. If the description of a job interested you, you should learn more about what a typical day in that job looks like. Learning more specifically about what a job requires you to do will help you decide if that job is right for you.
  3. Try It Out – Another step in choosing the right career for you is to try it out. This might look different for different types of professions, but you could get a part-time job in that field, or you could try to shadow someone who does a career that interests you. A job shadow can help you see what a real day in the life of a particular career is all about. You could also see if there are internships available in any careers you think you may enjoy.
  4. Imagine Yourself in This Career in the Future – After you know more about what it is like to work at a particular job, picture yourself at this job in the future. Picture yourself five or ten years from now, and think about whether or not that is a pleasant picture. If you can imagine yourself doing that job in the future, and the idea brings you joy, it could be a good option for your future career.
  5. Don’t Give Up – You may not choose the first career you research. That’s okay, don’t give up. You can change your mind over the course of your career search, and that is okay. Be sure to stay true to what you want out of your career, which can include things like money, work/life balance, daily duties, and more. Also, just because one option is not the right fit, it doesn’t mean something similar won’t work. For example, you may not want to be a doctor because it requires a lot of years of schooling, but you could still work in the medical field as a nurse, medical assistant, or something similar. If something interests you, but you don’t think it is quite right, explore similar things until you find something you think is a good fit.

All of the above steps involve really investigating career options and deciding whether or not they fit with what you want for your future work and lifestyle. If you keep following this process, you will find a career option that fits with your needs.

Let FVI Help You Choose the Right Career

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