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What is a Phlebotomist Course?

Maria Zegarra


Studying for a new career can be challenging in today’s modern age, but overall it could be for the best. You’re making an investment in not only yourself, but your future. Securing a position in a growing and expanding career field which will prove to be meaningful in the long run.

Our patient care technician school prepares students for an entry level position into their career field. Often referred to as PCTs for short, students will earn the certifications and training necessary to pursue a meaningful career in this field. One of the courses they’ll be covering is phlebotomy which is one of the required courses to take in our program.

What is Phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy comes from the Greek words phlebo which means ‘pertaining to a blood vessel’ and -tomia which means ‘cutting of’. The study of phlebotomy is not new, but it’s necessary for people pursuing a career in the healthcare field. Phlebotomy involves making an incision into the vein with a needle. The procedure is called ‘venipuncture’ and is practiced by nurses, medical laboratory assistants, doctors, and even phlebotomists.

What is a Phlebotomist?

FVI School of Nursing and TechnologyOur patient care technician program helps students in becoming trained for a career in this field. Once students have received their field training, in-service certificates, and diploma they’ll be one step closer to working in a hospital setting. PCT graduates do have to sit and pass the state Certified Nursing Assistant written and practical exam before they begin working, but once they pass they’ll be ready for an entry-level position.

During the course of your career you may be interested in specializing in an area of study in the future. Phlebotomy may be of interesting to PCTs who have been in the healthcare field for a while, but what is phlebotomist exactly? What does their work involve?

Phlebotomists are basically people who are specifically trained to draw blood from a patient for research, clinical or medical testing, donations, or transfusions. Phlebotomists are responsible for collecting the blood by performing venipuncture on the patient using various tools like finger sticks for minute quantities of blood or using a heel stick to collect from infants.

What Duties do People in this Specialized Career Field Have?

Phlebotomist duties are more specialized than a PCTs, but they can vary depending on their location. These duties can include identifying patient, interpreting tests when requested, drawing blood into tubes using the proper additives, explaining the procedure to patients, preparing patients for the procedure, restoring hemostasis at the site of the puncture, printing labels, and even delivering specimens to the laboratory. Many countries, states, and even districts also require that phlebotomy personnel be registered or licensed before they can start practicing.

Is There Financial Aid Available?

patient care technician programOur patient care technician school is designed to aid students in preparing for a meaningful and rewarding career in this field of study. Taking that first step towards changing your life is inspiring, but some students may require extra help in order to reach their goal.

When you’re getting started to the path of success you’ll want to meet with one of our friendly admissions representatives today to get started on the enrollment process. The admissions process if fairly simple and before you know it you’ll be studying for our new career. We understand not everyone has the financial means to start paying for their education up front, so we make sure to maintain a staff of financial aid professionals available. Their focus is to assist new students in understanding the financing options available to meet their educational expenses. There are several resources available like loan programs, the federal grant, and even student loans from private lenders. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

Studying for a new career may seem challenging at first, especially when you consider the time and dedication it takes to be successful. Our focus is on helping our students to be the best they can and to equip them with the tools necessary to pursue a meaningful career. PCTs will often work one on one with their patients and develop long lasting, meaningful relationships with them. Depending on where they work their duties can vary, but the experience will be rewarding.

We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We understand the hesitation people have when looking into studying for a new career. Feel free to get in contact with us anytime to request more information about the program and to learn how you can benefit from going back to school today at FVI School of Nursing and Technology.


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