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Pharmacy Technicians Work

Walking into any of your local pharmacies, you may not have considered that the people behind the counter actually have different qualifications, and perform different roles. If you’re thinking about pharmacy tech schools in Florida, then you’ll soon find that the differences are quite significant, although there can be some overlap between the roles of a technician and a fully qualified pharmacist.

A pharmacy technician provides a supportive role, and is usually in a position where they deal directly with customers. If you’re just learning how to become a pharmacy technician, then knowing more about the differences can help you in choosing your career path.

Typical Tasks of a Qualified Pharmacist

A pharmacist is a senior role, and will usually perform a supervisory function, taking care of the pharmacy techs in the workplace. Pharmacists can mix and create medications from specific ingredients, and they can also provide consultations and give recommendations to patients and the general public that are visiting a pharmacy.

Within a pharmacy, pharmacists are usually in the highest pay bracket. However, this comes with a lot of responsibility, and usually requires four to six years of specialist study. If you want to work in a pharmacy with good earning potential, then a shorter pharmacy technician training program might be more suitable for you.

The Role You’ll Learn at Pharmacy Technician School

As a technician, it would be your role to fulfill prescriptions and make sure all the correct medications and dosages are prepared for customers. You will provide direct assistance to the head pharmacist, and will rely on them before releasing medication to customers. Any time that controlled medication is dispensed, it must always be checked and approved by the pharmacist on staff.

Pharmacy techs have the busiest role within a pharmacy, because they’ll be directly interacting with customers, while also gathering all of the medications and pharmaceutical supplies that need to be checked by the pharmacist. Although the job is intensive, study and qualification can be completed in a relatively short period of time. You can begin training right after high school, and you’ll need to be registered with the Florida Board of Pharmacy before you can legally work within the state.

Key Study Covered at FVI Pharmacy Technician School

Studying at our vocational college will provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to complete your registration and start working in the industry.

Because a large aspect of your job will be interpreting prescriptions and maintaining records, you’ll be trained in both pharmaceutical technology and record keeping. As you will know, the pharmaceutical industry is closely regulated in the United States. Part of your training will cover pharmacy law, which will ensure that you’re always acting in the best interest of patients and the company that you work for, while remaining on the correct side of any relevant legislation. Ethics classes will also be included in your learning.

Even though you won’t be responsible for the final sign-off on medication, you’ll still need a good understanding of pharmacology. This is the study of how drugs work, and how they interact with each other. This will be covered throughout your training, and will allow you to spot any problems with prescriptions as you present these to the staff pharmacist.

Customer service and interpersonal skills are essential to work in a pharmacy, so you’ll learn about the best ways to deal with customers who are visiting your place of work. Keep in mind that pharmacy work can sometimes be stressful, so you’ll need to have a level head, flawless attention to detail, good work ethic, and a commitment to serving the needs of your customers.

Enroll Today to Take the First Step Towards a Fulfilling Career

If the role of a technician sounds interesting to you, then it’s time to enroll in our pharmacy technician school. You can enroll right after high school, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re still completing your senior year and want to start planning for your future. Our application consultants can help to provide more information about the programs that are offered, and will give you a full roadmap from enrolment, right up to graduation.

Because of the short program time, the learning environment can be intensive and will require focus at all times. You will be supported by expert staff, and there will even be an externship towards the end of your study.

Contact us today to get things started, and take a step towards a positive career with pharmacy technician training in Florida.


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