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Why You Should Start Pharmacy Technician Training in 2018?

If you’re sick of your current job or just feel like you’re going nowhere, you’re not alone. Every year, thousands of people start looking into their options. A four-year college degree seems to be the most obvious option for many people. It’s not always the right one. If you can’t find a major that appeals to you, it could be because you’re going the wrong way. Students seek out pharmacy technician training for many reasons.

The most obvious path often starts with an interest in the medical field. Students consider becoming a pharmacist. A teacher might recommend a career path as a pharmacy tech for many reasons. First, it provides a preview into pharmacy before you commit to over a decade in training. You can see if pharmacy is the right field for you.

More importantly for some, it can give you an option if things don’t go as you expect. Many pharmacy students don’t complete their education. If you get halfway through pharmacy school and drop out or don’t pass key exams, you don’t get credit in the job industry. As a pharmacy technician, you can complete your training in just months. Some students go in planning to become pharmacists and build a fulfilling career as technicians.

Why Professionals Choose to Become Pharmacy Technicians

Why do professionals choose to transition into a career as a pharmacy tech? Many times, it’s a complicated decision. It’s not as simple as just saying it’s the right move. Some students who could go to pharmacy school choose not to. Others find the confidence and resources they need to become pharmacists while they’re in career school. What do successful students get out of it?

  • Lower Investment: One of the biggest deterrent to pharmacy school or even a four-year degree is time. You can graduate in a fraction of the time and get into the job market. You don’t have to worry about losing years in the job market or ongoing sacrifices. This is one of the main challenges for busy people considering going back to school. Even if you attend part-time, you can still graduate faster.
  • Strong Job Market: The pharmacy market is brimming with opportunities. We need more people who can assist in hospitals, compounding pharmacies, and more. Anywhere you go, people need medical treatment. Pharmacies are a key part of this. With the high burden of training pharmacists, it’s not as simple as saying we just need more pharmacists. Pharmacy techs help the industry keep up with the ever-growing demand.
  • Lower Cost: With accredited career schools, you can still qualify for financial aid from scholarships to student loans. Pharmacy technician training won’t leave you with a six-figure student loan debt. The curriculum is less intensive than pharmacy school. It requires fewer hours. So you spend just a fraction of what you would elsewhere.
  • Limitless Opportunities: Many people wait until they’ve hit the market to make any hard decisions about their future. Others go in knowing what direction they’d like to head in after. Pharmacy techs can look into management opportunities in pharmacies and elsewhere. Some also become doctors, nurses, or pharmacists. Once you complete your training, you have limitless opportunities.
  • Fulfillment: One of the biggest things many people find in a pharmacy tech career is fulfillment. You can go to work every day and enjoy what you do. Professionals go to work every day knowing they’re helping others. As the industry expands, pharmacy techs also take on more responsibilities.
  • Strong Income: One of the biggest challenges that comes with doing what you love is sometimes you don’t get paid. Not all passions come with a strong paycheck. The good news is the medical industry demand is growing. Some even consider it to be recession-proof. As pharmacy techs become more valuable, their income potential simultaneously rises.

Pharmacy Technician Training Is Worth It for the Right Person

The right person can find everything they’re looking for in pharmacy technician training. It might not be the most obvious choice. Pharmacy technicians weren’t always as versatile as they are now. They started out as cashiers and attendants in retail pharmacies. In today’s market, pharmacy techs can take payments, inventory, fill prescriptions, and more. In many ways, they can assist pharmacists through every part of the process. This reduces errors and leads to higher quality medical care.

If you’re ready to build a new career, career training is the next step. For more information about your options and how you can get started, click here.

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