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Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Maria Zegarra

Pharmacy Technician Training
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Conference of State Legislature (NCSL), spendings on drug therapy in the U.S is more than $320 billion, with about 2.9 billion drugs supplied or ordered. This indicates that the pharmaceutical industry has significantly grown and there is an increasing demand for qualified pharmacy technicians.

Working as a pharmacy technician requires training and licensing. Although the professional regulations for pharmacy technician training are constantly evolving, they generally require at least a diploma. Also, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) offers a certification exam to individuals who have completed a PTCB-recognized training program.

But what does a pharmacy tech do?

Roles and Opportunities of a Pharmacy Tech

First, it’s important to consider where to enroll in a pharmacy technician training program. This determines the level of preparedness you are for your roles and your qualifications for available opportunities. FVI School of Nursing and Technology’s Pharmacy Technician program offers the ideal training equipping you with the skills you need to thrive in this industry.

You will be prepared for many work opportunities in different settings with FVI’s complete pharmacy tech program. These include:

As a pharmacy technician, your role is critical and affects the health of many of people. Here are some of the primary duties:

Receiving and confirming prescription orders

In today’s digital world, prescriptions usually come as e-prescriptions. You will need to retrieve the order from a computer system or software to verify insurance coverage of the patient. It’s also vital to confirm the details of patients with written prescriptions to avoid mistakes that cause significant repercussions.

Filling and preparation of prescriptions

This is a very detail-oriented process that requires the expertise of a pharmacy tech. It’s not about capsules and pills only. It includes ointments, creams and compounds for intravenous use.

Responding to customer’s questions on medications

This is mostly within retail pharmacies. Here you interact regularly with customers or patients who require help with their prescriptions. You will also answer basic medical questions, locate over-the-counter drugs or refer to a chief pharmacist.

Other roles include assisting in distributing and compounding medications and taking care of related administrative tasks.

Why is FVI the Ideal Place for Pharmacy Technician Training?

At FVI, pharmacy tech training equips you with the appropriate skills through instructor-led online classes and safe on-campus practice. Upon successful completion, you are awarded a diploma. The pharmacy technician training at FVI will help you become a certified tech once you take a certification exam approved by the State Board of Pharmacy in Florida.

Some of the skills you will get from the training at FVI includes the ability to identify drugs by brand and generic name, calculate correct dosage and solution strength, define ethics and laws on pharmacy practice, and other connected clinical and institutional distributions systems.

Get more information about FVI School of Nursing and Technology’s pharmacy technician training, call us today at 786.574.3350. We are waiting for you.

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