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Pharmacy Technician Career

Have you always wanted to work in the healthcare industry and help people? A Pharmacy Technician role could be the right career path for you.

FVI School of Nursing and Technology offers a Pharmacy Technician program that provides students with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to be successful. Learn more about the skills of a Pharmacy Technician.

Skills Pharmacy Technicians Need

Organization – As a Pharmacy Technician, you must remain organized at all times, because you need to keep prescriptions correct, maintain records and take inventory. This skill is going to be extremely helpful when labeling and packaging prescriptions.

Attention to Detail – Pharmacy Technicians do a number of jobs. They answer patient questions, troubleshoot medication issues, report drug adverse reactions and so much more. Paying attention to the small details is an important skill to possess as a Pharmacy Technician.

Prioritization – Pharmacies are busy. Hospitals are busy. Wherever you decide to work as a Pharmacy Technician, you’ll likely multiple tasks to handle at once. Having the ability to prioritize the important, more pressing tasks will help you excel as a Pharmacy Technician.

Initiative – Being able to prioritize the most important tasks first is important, but sometimes you’ll need to just take the initiative to help out in different areas when the pharmacist is busy.

Communication – Pharmacy Technicians work directly with pharmacists and patients. You should be able to communicate both written and verbally in order to maintain good customer service.

Computer Skills – Different computer systems come into play when you’re working as a Pharmacy Technician. Becoming proficient with these systems is going to help you become a better Pharmacy Tech.

Pharmacy Technician Program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology

FVI School of Nursing and Technology is ready to prepare you to enter the healthcare industry as a Pharmacy Technician. Graduates from the program can find employment in nursing care facilities, private and chain drug stores, hospitals, drug manufacturers, health maintenance organizations and wholesale drug houses. Upon completion of the program, you will learn many skills including:

  • Identifying drugs by both generic and brand name
  • Performing functions that are connected to institutional and clinical distribution systems
  • Defining ethics and explain laws that apply to the practice of pharmacy
  • Performing techniques and procedures to compound and mix different drugs
  • Calculating the correct dosage and solution strength with different measurement systems

Are you ready to begin a career as a Pharmacy Technician? Contact FVI School of Nursing and Technology at 786.574.3350 for more information on our program!

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