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How to find the Best Pharmacy Technician Schools

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Pharmacy Tech School

Interested in becoming a Pharmacy Technician in the Miami area? There’s a vast network of schools and programs specializing in the pharmaceutical field out there. Some of which are even offered online to better suit your schedule. Doing your own research and finding out what type of program suits your needs is your best bet. It is important to remember that not all programs are created equal, in terms of knowledge gained, and helping you get the credentials you will need.

The FVI School of Nursing and Technology can help! We will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the certification test! This short guide will address some of the questions you may have regarding a career as a Pharmacy Technician; what duties you can expect to perform, and why we think we’re the perfect choice to help you achieve your career goals!

Areas Covered and What to Expect in Pharmaceutical Tech Programs

Pharmacy TechnicianWhat can someone expect from our Pharmacy Tech Program? Training as a pharmacy technician can be a rich and rewarding experience. If trained right, you will receive invaluable knowledge that will help you pursue a stable and ever-growing career in a highly respected field. When a student has completed this program proficiently, they will be able to display the following skills: Identifying drugs for patients, brand name and generic. Determine the correct dosage of a specific drug needed (Measurement systems will differ).

Mix and compound different drugs through procedures and techniques learned in the program. They will have a professional understanding of ethics and laws regarding the practice. Students typically spend about a year completing the course and getting their certification. To take the Florida state certification test, a pharmacy tech applicant must be at least 17 years of age, must request registry via written application, proof must be submitted that you have in fact completed an accredited Pharmaceutical Tech Program. You must also pay a fee to take the certification test, along with producing a copy of your social security card.

What a Pharmacy Technician Primarily Does

Once a student has completed the program and has passed the certification test, what lies in store? A Pharmacy Tech Program will teach you the skills you need for employment, we touch on a few of these skills above. What is a safe bet on some day-to-day practices of a pharmacy tech? The location of your employment may vary from privately owned to government owned facilities, but the job generally stays the same.

You can expect some of these tasks in your day to day scope of practice: Personally, giving doctor ordered prescriptions to patients, mixing solutions to be used for intravenous use, pill tablet counting, prescription bottle labeling (properly), receiving electronic prescriptions from doctor’s offices, entering prescriptions into your computer yourself, reading and comprehending written prescriptions, verifying prescriptions, stocking prescriptions, and tracking inventory of medications. These are some of the duties you can safely assume will be in your day-to-day routine. In a nutshell, you are there to assist the pharmacist in packing and distributing medications.

What Opportunities a Pharmacy Tech Degree Offers

There’s a wide variety of jobs available in different facets of the medical field open to certified pharmaceutical technicians. Some of these include, but are not limited to: Government and privately owned hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies (drug Manufacturer’s), organizations that specialize in health management, wholesale retailers, and chain and privately owned drug stores. With so much employment opportunities and minimal training required, the outlook for these positions just keeps growing!

So why choose FVI School of Nursing and Technology?

The FVI School of Nursing and Technology has been providing the community with the skill set they need to get great jobs since 2007. We offer access to employable skills from our affordable training. We believe that if you’re willing to work to achieve your goal, you deserve the resources to obtain it and we offer those resources. We offer access to modern equipment such as: Audio and visual equipment, teaching aids, theory class rooms, medical labs, computer labs, lounges for students, administrative offices that are fully equipped, information/library area.

Our team has years of experience in vocational and career training. We specialize in real world hands-on training that help students build exciting, high demand careers in medical and information technologies. A large portion of our training can be completed in around a year, which is great for someone starting out in the medical or information technology field because you can work while also advancing your career in the field you love.

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