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How Pharmacy Technician Programs Fill a Growing Demand in 2018

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Pharmacy Tech Program Curriculum

You’ve probably already heard about the growing demand in the medical industry. As our need for medical care grows, clinics and pharmacies across the country need help. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists can’t be trained quickly enough. So many facilities are looking for other alternatives. They need to budget carefully while still demanding a certain skill level.

This is why pharmacy technicians have become increasingly common. Pharmacies have always hired lower-level workers to assist pharmacists. In the past, they performed mostly administrative tasks. Certified pharmacy technicians can help overburdened pharmacists in every step of the process. The average pharmacy could easily fill hundreds or even thousands of prescriptions every day. Any error in the number of type of medication could cause serious interactions and other problems. The more prescriptions a pharmacist is expected to fill, the more likely they are to make mistakes.

This could include things like giving the wrong prescriptions to different patients. It could also mean giving too many or too few pills and other complications. This is where pharmacy technician programs come in. Pharmacy techs still have to be supervised by a licensed pharmacist. They provide more value helping pharmacists with every part of the work. This includes compounding in specialized pharmacies. It’s no wonder the demand for these professionals is only growing.

What Can Pharmacy Technicians Expect after Graduation?

What can pharmacy technicians realistically expect once they graduate? It’s one thing to hear about a promising career. It’s another to actually enjoy the true benefits. To find a job today, you have to pass key licensing exams. More experience can help you get better jobs and demand greater pay and benefits. Even new graduates have a competitive market waiting for them. Some even have offers before they graduate. You don’t have to take anybody’s word for it. You can get hard facts that support the opportunities available to those interested in this career path.

The healthcare industry is growing with an estimated 2.4 million jobs created between 2016 and 2026. Out of the 20 top industries with spectacular growth, the medical industry accounts for eight.

  • Baby boomers are aging, and the rate of obesity is rising. This means more people need life-saving medications to treat chronic conditions. Not all are age-related. Many younger people also need more prescriptions than ever before.
  • Pharmacy technicians enjoy fast job growth rates, which is expected to grow at 12% over the next 10 years which is faster than the average of all jobs. While other industries are failing on today’s economy or changing, the field for pharmacy technicians is only growing. Many people refer to medical jobs in hospitals, pharmacies, and elsewhere as recession-proof. Unlike other industries, people can’t opt out of health problems. You only need car insurance if you drive. At some point, everybody will need quality health care.
  • Pharmacy technicians can work in many environments. The majority of pharmacy techs work in retail pharmacies across the country. If this doesn’t sound right to you, you can work in research, hospitals, hospices, and more. Finding fulfillment in your work isn’t always cut and dry. Each student has to look at their unique needs.


Pharmacy Technician Programs Take Months, Not Years

To be a pharmacist, you have to spend years in school to get your undergraduate and graduate degree. Then students search for residencies similar to those doctors go through. This process could easily take over a decade for many students, even when attending full-time. It pays off if you complete it. Each student is giving up many opportunities along the way. Not all students can complete the program. Even for savvy professionals, family and other obligations can easily get in the way.

Pharmacy technician programs teach students valuable skills. This means you can find fulfillment in your career. Pharmacy technicians also demand strong salaries that grow with the industry. As you gain more experience and progress professionally, you can expect more responsibility and greater pay. The biggest difference is the time it takes. Instead of spending years in training, you can complete your program in a matter of months. Some students complete externships or internships. These aren’t required for licensing, and many can be completed while you’re still in school. It just depends on your schedule and other factors personal to each student.

If you’re ready to take the next step and explore a new career, FVI School of Nursing and Technology can help. We offer advanced training and support to each student. Just click here and see the difference we can make for you.

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