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Patient Care Technician Job Description, Duties, and Everything You Need to Know

From nursing homes to hospitals to home health care, people who like to help others are constantly needed in many areas of the medical industry. Working directly with patients could be the career for you if you’re looking for a new opportunity in the healthcare industry. Students enrolled in the Patient Care Technician Program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology can earn a degree and enter the healthcare career they’ve always wanted.

This article will give you a comprehensive overview of how to become a patient care technician (PCT), including the education requirements, certifications, daily responsibilities, and typical career paths.

What Does a Patient Care Technician Do?

A patient care technician’s duties involve basic medical care, including measuring vital signs and recording other important health data under the supervision of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. After graduating from FVI’s PCT program, you will have the opportunity to take a test for a phlebotomist certificate. Other certifications are accessible to take an exam for as well. FVI provides you the best academics for these certified career opportunities.

Additionally, patient care technicians aid their patients with daily tasks such as eating, bathing, or using the restroom. Many patient care technicians continue to work with the same patients for several years, which means that they often develop close relationships with those they care for.

Patient Care Technician Job Description

The responsibilities of a patient care technician are:

  • Measure and record vital signs, among other basic medical tasks
  • Receiving and reporting patients’ concerns
  • Relocating, turning, or moving patients as needed for comfort or medical care
  • Assisting patients with daily tasks, such as dressing and eating
  • Providing personal hygiene assistance to patients, including bathing and toileting

How Much Do Patient Care Technicians Earn?

Based on the latest statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), patient care technicians (also known as nursing assistants) earn an average annual salary of $32,000, or nearly $15.50 per hour. The top earners earn even more-patient care technicians in the top 25% earn nearly $37,000 per year, while those in the top 10% earn $42,000 or more.

Patient Care Technician Employment Opportunities

A Patient Care Technician degree offers a variety of employment opportunities, such as:

  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Care facilities for the elderly (nursing homes)
  • Extended care facilities
  • Blood banks
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Dialysis facilities
  • Agencies providing home health care
  • Additional Healthcare-related environments

Patient Care Technician Certification

A patient care technician diploma from FVI School of Nursing and Technology will demonstrate to prospective employers that you possess the skills and experience to treat patients effectively. Your diploma will prepare you for your certification exam, which you will be able to pass quickly and then begin applying for jobs.

The Patient Care Technician training program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology will provide you with the skills required to succeed in this industry. Please call 786.574.3350 to enroll today, or contact a recruiter to find out more information.

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