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How to Stay Motivated and Focused During Patient Care Technician School

Patient Care Certification

The Patient Care Technician program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology offers each student a comprehensive education in the requisites of patient care. Students are taught the proper way to collect bodily fluids for testing; the proper procedure to sanitize a patient’s room; and how to monitor a patient’s condition. As a Patient Care Technician, your job is to focus on the care of patients under the supervision of medical staff. Patient Care Technician students will learn the proper etiquette for handling patients. “Patient care technicians spend most of their day caring for sick individuals, so they should possess good communication skills and the ability to work under stressful conditions.” [1] Having been equipped with the technical knowledge, your program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology will teach you how to manage the wide array of responsibilities of a Patient Care Technician with poise. Students at FVI School of Nursing and Technology are given the necessary tools to provide the care essential to assisting the physician or nurse, while comforting your patient.

Founded in 2007, FVI School of Nursing and Technology has the mission of preparing its students for careers in high demand. “Bureau of Labor Statistics states that patient care technician jobs are on pace to grow by 20 percent through 2020. The primary contributing factor of growth is the increase of patients in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.” [2] As a result of the retirement of our largest senior population, the patient care industry is growing at an overwhelming rate. With an aging population and advanced medicine, patients are living longer and fuller lives. This growth in the patient care industry has created a demand for employers seeking qualified professionals. In under a year, graduates of FVI School of Nursing and Technology’s patient care technician program are prepared to seize this opportunity to discover employment at hospitals, nursing homes, and extended care facilities. Careers for patient care technicians are available within federal government, as well. The Patient Care technician program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology is designed to groom its alumni for entry level positions in the high demand industry of patient care.

Upon completion of the program, certification is strongly advised for all students at FVI School of Nursing and Technology. While certification is not required in all positions, the certification is an exceptional way to demonstrate your newly acquired skill set and differentiate yourself from the pack. For the convenience of our students, the Certified Patient Care Technician exam (CPCT) is administered at FVI School of Nursing and Technology.

Needed wherever there are patients, Patient Care Technicians are in high demand in most medical facilities. “As a patient care technician you regularly get the chance to positively impact people’s lives.”[3] Learning the skills to ensure your patient’s comfort, students will be able to understand the integral role that they play within every medical team. More than just vitals, you will understand the service aspect of the position. Being the friendly face for patients after surgery or during their annual appointment, patient care technicians truly are the heart of the operation.