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Kick Start your Career at a Patient Care Tech School

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Patient Care Tech School

Studying for a new career can seem like a huge obstacle to overcome for many people since it’s a dedication of time and hard work in order to accomplish their goal. People today want to pursue a meaningful career where they can take pride in their work and go home with a sense of accomplishment.

Patient Care Tech School is one of the options people have been looking into when it comes studying for a new career. The program is designed for people interesting in an entry-level position as a patient care technician in a hospital, extended care facility, rehabilitation facility, or as a Home Health Care Aid.

What Does the Program Entail?

The patient care tech program is designed to help students complete their training for an entry-level position in this career field. Students will gain a variety of skills that will allow them to perform the necessary duties required in this job field. The skills they will learn and gain include the following:

  • Blood draws
  • Taking vital signs
  • Performing ECG

How Do People Know This is the Right Career Choice for Them?

Attending Patient Care Tech School and working towards graduation will leave people with a sense of accomplishment. When considering a new career, people should take into consideration whether it’s the right career choice for them. Being a Patient Care Tech is rewarding in itself, but the career is demanding for people who don’t have a passion for helping others.

One of the primary skills a patient care tech has to possess is solid communication between the patient and doctor. When working with patients, there will be large amounts of information being passed back and forth between each party. Patient care techs must also remain attentive and empathetic towards their patients.

Students will also learn in our patient care tech program they need to have a social able attitude when working with their patients. Patient care techs will be talking and dealing with multiple people on a daily basis that will require them to be polite and professional each time they’re at work. Learning this will enable them to advance further in their career field and to provide better care to their patients. Part of the job duties of being a patient care tech including the following:

  • Properly drawing blood: Performing catheterizations
  • Performing catheterizations: Efficiently removing sutures and staples
  • Efficiently removing sutures and staples: Properly caring for wounds
  • Properly caring for wounds properly conducting an ECG
  • Properly conducting an ECG: Handling emergency room procedures
  • Handling emergency room procedures Splints
  • Splints Immobilizations
  • Immobilizations Nasogastric tube removal
  • Nasogastric tube removal Knowing how to insert intravenous saline locks
  • Knowing how to insert intravenous saline locks

Students will learn how to do these hands-on skills and be ready to enter the workforce and to succeed as a patient tech.

What About Classes?

We understand that when entering our patient care tech program, there are outside responsibilities that can interfere with attendance. Whether it’s family or a part-time job, we’re happy to help our future graduates to work around their schedule. Students can choose their own class schedule so they don’t have to worry about missing out on important appointments and can take care of outside responsibilities.

One of the benefits of participating in our patient care tech program is you don’t need a full college degree. People who wish to enter this career field do have to be formally trained through a program like ours. People who have completed the program will receive their diploma. Throughout the program, students will learn the skills they need to be successful in their chosen career field.

Studying in the program will take about eight months to complete the patient care tech program. The time frame to complete the program varies depending on the commitment on the student’s part. Upon earning their diploma, students will increase their chances of landing a position. This puts them one step closer towards being successful in their new chosen career field.


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