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What You Will Learn During a Patient Care Technician Program

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Patient Care Tech Program

Working to help patient in long-term care can be a rewarding thing. You get to help with basic medical care, but you also get to focus on the people. Working as a Patient Care Technician allows you to do just that. Learn more about what a Patient Care Technician is, and they type of schooling you need to attend to become one. Also, learn about what courses and subjects you can expect to cover during your patient care technician program.


What is a Patient Care Technician?

A Patient Care Technician is someone who works to help provide care for patients that are in long-term health care facilities or hospitals. They help patients with day to day activities like bathing, dressing, and eating. They also measure the patient’s vital signs, and they help patients to understand health concerns and procedures. They may even perform some basic medical exams or procedures.

According to, this type of work can earn you a median annual wage of $27,520. This statistic comes from May 2017. The job outlook for this type of profession is also expected to increase because of the growing need for elderly patient care. Working as a Patient Care Technician could be a great career opportunity for you, but to set yourself up for success, you will want to attend a Patient Care Technician school. Learn all about what you can expect to learn through this schooling below so that you can be prepared for a meaningful and rewarding career.


Courses and Subjects Covered During Patient Care Technician School

When you work in the health care field, it is essential that you are knowledgeable and well-practiced in the types of medicine and medical procedures you will be performing. That is why school is so important.

A Patient Care Technician program is just a short program that can help you learn some of the basics of medical care with a patient focus. This type of program can be finished in six or seven months, so it is a great option for you to complete quickly and get out into the workplace. Learn about the classes you will take during Patient Care Technician school below, and why they are important to your future career.

  • Anatomy and Physiology – When working in the health care field, it is essential to know about the body and the medical terminology that is associated with the human body. A course in anatomy and physiology will help you learn things you need to know. You will learn about the skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system, and so much more.
  • Specialized Medical Exams: Phlebotomy – As a Patient Care Technician, it will also be important for you to understand basic medical exams and procedures. This type of course will focus on collecting blood samples and how the laboratory testing procedures work. During this course, you will get some hands-on experience practicing drawing blood and testing it.
  • Specialized Medical Exams: EKG/ECG – Through this course, you will learn about an electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) and how to perform one. An electrocardiogram is a test that measure the electrical activity of the heartbeat. You will also study the theory and clinical applications of electrocardiography so that you are prepared to use it in the field.
  • Fundamentals of Patient Care – As a Patient Care Technician, your focus will be on the patient and their well-being. During your schooling, you will learn about the fundamentals of good patient care including communication skills, data collection, measuring vital signs, safety procedures, and so much more.
  • Patient Care Technician Clinical – Clinicals will be an essential part of your program. You will do clinicals toward the end of your program because this will be your opportunity to demonstrate all that you have learned. You will be applying your knowledge and skills with real patients under the supervision of a registered nurse or other licensed health care professional.

Those are just some of the courses you can expect to take during your Patient Care Technician School. You will also learn about procedures and lab skills, what you can expect from a career as a Patient Care Technician, and more.

A Patient Care Technician program can be finished in under seven months, so it can be something that can quickly get you into the working world. If you are interested in the medical field and helping patients with different health procedures and issues, this could be a good career opportunity for you. All you have to do is find the right Patient Care Technician program.

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