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How Much Does an RN Make? Registered Nurse Salary & Highest Paying Jobs

Maria Zegarra

Nursing Careers

Considering a vocational school for RN nursing programs in your future? Before you go charging into a new medical career, gather all the facts first. Before you decide to study, you should consider this simple question: How much does an RN make?


Average Registered Nurse Salary


There are a many registered nurse programs that allow RNs to specialize in certain tracks. The average registered nurse salary is based on the standard career path of most registered nurses.

The average registered nurse salary ranges between $45,000 to $120,000 per year, with the average hourly rate being $33.65 ($70,000 per year).1

Starting salaries are usually around $47,000 a year. The salary of a registered nurse is based on area of the country which relates to supply and demand.


Top 5 Highest Paying RN Jobs


1 – Dialysis Registered Nurse

A Dialysis RN spends their days working at a hospital or dialysis center, working with patients who have kidney issues. This position is expected to increase in available jobs over the next decade as life expectancy increases.

Average salary for a Dialysis RN: $100,000


2 – Oncology Registered Nurse


Much like it sounds, an Oncology RN specializes in the treatment and care of patients with cancer. Oncology RNs are most found in the cancer centers of major hospitals, though there is room from growth in the private sector as well. Oncology practices in South Florida will increase, and so will the need for these positions.

Average salary for an Oncology RN: $85,000


3 – Post Anesthetic Care Unit Registered Nurse


Also known as a PACU RN, these nurses are responsible for patients who return from operations requiring anesthesia. These are the nurses who care for patients post op. You will almost exclusively find these nurses in hospitals.

Average salary for a Post Anesthetic Care Unit RN: $85,000


4 – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse


Big hearts required! These nurses are responsible for caring for premature new born babies in intensive care units. Much like all RN jobs, to is high demand but the compensation is high enough to meet that.

Average salary for a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit RN: $85,000


How Long Does It Take to Become An RN?


A registered nurse salary matches the intensity of the work. It is at once one of the most rewarding and challenging medical jobs in the field.

It takes roughly two to three years of education, and most nurses will get an entry level job at a hospital. They’ll use that time and their employee benefits, such as employer tuition, to study to become a registered nurse.

Once you have the education, most students opt to take our NCLEX review course before taking the exam.


Resources for Registered Nurses


You can learn more about the medical field and training at the FVI School of Nursing and Technology medical school blog.

It’s vital that you remain informed and aware of all medical related news that relates to the world of a registered nurse.



[1]: Bureau of Labor Statistics – Registered Nurses

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