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Medical Assistant Jobs

Three Jobs You Might Jump into After Medical Assistant School

Studying for a new career is an intimidating prospect for many people, especially if they’re just graduating high school or looking to make a living in a new career field. The medical assistant school is one of the options people often consider since it’s a promising choice for people who wish to pursue a meaningful recession-proof career. People who finish the medical assistant program don’t just have to be medical assistants. There are also many opportunities available for medical assistants who want to grow in their career field or do something a little different.

  1. Medical Office Assistant

One of the aspects students learn about at our medical assistant school is their career is the backbone of the industry. Medical assistants handle the business side of things for medical facilities and the demand for trained professionals in this area of the industry is in demand.

Medical office assistants are one of the job opportunities graduates can pursue if they decide they want to do more of the clinical and administrative tasks involved with the medical world. Medical office assistants can work in a variety of medical offices including chiropractors, physicians, podiatrists, and any other health practitioner. People in this career normally work full-time since the majority of healthcare facilities are open on the weekends and the night. Medical assistants at these places are usually required to work shift that can include weekends, days, and evenings.

  1. Claims Examiner

This is another position students will learn about at medical assistant schools and will be another job option for them to pursue. Claims examiners are responsible for validating health insurance claims. The main reason for this is it helps to protect the company from fraud while also ensuring the patient is able to receive their required medical care.

The other role the claims examiner’s position is determining if an investigation will be necessary. If the examiner decides the filing is fine, then everything gets paid and processed without incident. If the medical treatment is deemed unnecessary though, it’s handed over to an investigator.

  1. Phlebotomy Technician

One of the most interesting job choices is the phlebotomy technician students will learn about a medical assistant school. The phlebotomy tech is responsible for collecting and testing patient blood samples. They may also be responsible for collection and processing other clinical specimens in independent labs, hospitals, or physicians’ office.

Phlebotomists are at risk of being exposed to blood-borne disease and contaminants, so they have to possess extreme caution and expertise when they are handling blood samples. They also have to ensure the collection instruments they work with and their environment is completely sterile when working.

These are job opportunities available to graduates through hiring partnerships we have, for those who take the medical assistant course at our school. Each job has an opportunity for growth and exploring different aspects of the medical industry. Medical assistants are an essential part of the medical industry since they fulfill so many essential roles in offices and healthcare facilities across the country. These jobs are an opportunity for people in this career field to grow and expand while pursuing a meaningful career.

Our medical assistant schools care about students and seeing that they are well equipped to enter their chosen career field. We understand the difficulties students face when making such a momentous decision and the dedication it takes to reach their end goal. When studying to be a medical assistant, there are many opportunities to pursue different jobs upon graduation. The growing demand for medical assistants in the healthcare industry is only continuing to rising so the job prospects are promising.

We encourage potential students to give us a call if they’re interested in attending our medical assistant program. We help students to be prepared for an entry-level position in their chosen career field once they graduate. There is also financial assistance available for those who qualify.

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