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Medical Assistant Certification


Medical Assistant

You’re almost done with your Medical Assistant Certification in the state of Florida, now what?

The perks of earning a Medical Assistant certification in Florida are many. Medical Assistants are an extend to the physician while being in constant contact with patients and are of the first to respond in times of crisis. Medical Assistants hold some of the most crucial positions in the medical field. They have the option of dealing with administrative duties; these may include insurance purposes, handling medical records, billing among other tasks.

More clinical specific responsibilities of a Medical Assistant would be to draw blood from a patient, take and record a patient’s medical history, administer medication necessary for the patient, educate patients on medicine or specific procedures. Medical Assistants have the opportunity of working in the medical field without spending 7 to 8 years earning a degree.

Once receiving your certification you have high rates of employment and a considerable wage. Medical Assistant’s median pay is $29,370 and hourly wage median is $14.12 according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many times Medical Assistants receive over $15,000 worth of benefits.

Due that certifications are a way of student to show their level of mastery and skills in the medical field, certificates are not bound to a specific state. Upon receiving their certification students have significant job mobility as they can perform clinical or administrative Medical Assisting in any state of their choosing. More importantly as the certificate taken in Florida is provided with the credentials of the American Association of Medical Assistants there is no need to retake the certification in other states.

There’s a 29 percent job growth for Certified Medical Assistants from 2012 to 2022 which is considerably faster than many other professions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics there will be a growing need for workers in the medical field as the baby boomer generation ages. As physician practices expand there will be higher hiring rates for Medical Assistants. Furthermore, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as federal health has and will probably continue to expand healthcare so will the need for physicians and medical Assistants. In 2012 there were 560,800 Medical Assistants by 2022 it’s projected for there to be 723,700.

Receiving a certification as a medical assistant in the next ten years puts anyone in a career and economically advantageous point. Medical Assistant certifications although not required are becoming increasingly popular as proof of a Medical Assistant’s experience, training and capabilities. Interested in a future as a medical assistant? Contact FVI School of Nursing and Technology today or click here for more information!

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