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Medical Assistant School

Our medical assistant program is designed to train and prepare students for this exciting new career field. We use a hand on approach to help students develop the skills they need to be prepared for an entry level position in a medical office, clinic, or other medical setting. Depending on the location they choose to work the responsibilities of a medical assistant can vary from office management to preparing patients before they see the doctor.

What’s the Job Outlook for Medical Assistants?

Here at FVI, we understand job placement is a major concern for many students who complete our program. The program takes between twelve to eighteen months to complete so finding employment right out the gate is a major concern. Students are eager to get started in career field, but knowing where to start can be an obstacle to overcome.

We help with job placement upon graduation and there are internship or externship opportunities available for students. This hands on experience in a real world setting helps to prepare students for their career and to have a better understand of what to expect. There’s a growing demand in this career field for trained professionals and our goal is to prepare students to seek out those opportunities of employment.

According to BLS.Gov, the job growth for medical assistants is expected to grow by 23% from 2014 to 2024. There were 591,300 jobs available occupied by medical assistants in 2014, so there’s certainly plenty of opportunity for growth.

Where do Medical Assistants Usually End Up Working?

Our medical assistant school is focused on helping students to develop the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen career. Finding employment is one obstacle many students face, but being a medical assistant means there’s plenty of room for growth. The majority of medical assistants are usually employed in outpatient clinics, physicians’ offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

What are the Responsibilities of a Medical Assistant?

Medical Assistant SchoolDuring the course of our medical assistant program, students will have hands on experience to help them to develop the necessary skills for an entry level position in a healthcare facility. We do have externship or internship opportunities available so students can benefit from the experience of working in a real world setting. This helps to develop a greater grasp of their chosen to career field and to be prepared for entering the professional world upon completion of the program.

The responsibilities of a medical assistant can vary depending on where they work and the jurisdiction. Many medical assistants may be required to perform administrative duties such as handling billing and book keeping, answering telephones, scheduling appointments, greeting patients, and other responsibilities.

Depending on the jurisdiction and the law in some areas medical assistants may also be responsible for recording vital signs and explaining treatment procedures to patients, they may even be responsible for preparing patients for examination. Certain jurisdictions even allow medical assistants to perform certain advance procedures like taking X-rays or giving injections once they’ve taken a course or passed a test.

Do You Need to be Certified to work as a Medical Assistant?

Many of our graduates are may find employment in physician’s offices, medical clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities specializing in an area of medicine such as pediatrics, optometry, and gynecology. Gaining a position as a medical assistant requires month of training, studying, and hand on experience to be able to pass the program.

While it’s not a requirement to become certified to work as a medical assistant, we strongly advise students to take their medical assistant certification exam. We administer the exam at our learning facility and becoming certified helps students to be marketable in this demanding career field. The certification may help to open new opportunities for students and to experience increased growth in their career.

Becoming a medical assistant is more than just obtaining the certificate, going through the training and learning process. Medical assistants will come face to face with people from all walks of life. They have to remain cordial even in intense and stressful situations so they can maintain their politeness and handle the situation accordingly.

Employers look for a medical assistant who understands the importance of treating their patients like people and being empathic with them and others. Medical assistants have to understand the important of HIPAA and how to help patients to feel comfortable during their doctor visit. Medical assistants are also required to complete multiple tasks each day while on the job, but certain tasks depend on their work setting.

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