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Do You Want to be a Nurse? The Medical Assistant Field Might be a Great Place to Start

Maria Zegarra

Medical Assistant Career

The health care industry is one of the great industries for career choices in the United States. The increased need for Medical Assistants is at an all time high creating a large demand for individuals with quality Medical Assistant training. FVI School of Nursing and Technology provides an education that offers flexible class schedules, caring staff, and extensive use of real world hands on education.

Our program thoroughly covers all aspects of the duties involved for a medical assistant, to prepare students for the important tasks in helping in patient care such as insurance billing, informatics, reception services, records management, appointment booking, patient preparation, and intake procedures. Additionally, our school for medical assistants ensures that our students are trained in urinalysis collection, collecting biological specimens, EKG diagnostics, limited x-rays, phlebotomy and venipuncture, and processing and recording the patient’s biological data.

Medical Assistants Versus Nurses

When considering a career path in the medical field, Nursing duties and Medical Assistant duties have their similarities and their differences. It is also important for the student to consider the cost differences of the training, the length of time for schooling to obtain the training, and the specific job details. While the earning potential significantly varies between the two, both careers allow you to be an effective part of patient care and well-being. To become a nurse, a student must complete a lengthy, accredited Nursing program which is less flexible than the Medical Assistant Programs in Miami.

Medical Assistant training programs typically take about a year to complete with the option to become certified or registered after graduation. Nursing degrees are typically a minimum of two years and are more involved than Medical Assistant degrees requiring various on-the-job clinical experiences and a more in-depth training than the Medical Assistant program. Upon completion of the Nursing Program, students must pass the mandatory NCLEX exam to become licensed to work.

Medical Assistant Job Variations

Medical Assistant CareerThe specific job duties of a Medical Assistant vary according to the facility in which they are employed. Some potential career opportunities for Medical Assistants are in settings including but not limited to hospitals, the offices of the many various physician specialties, pediatric offices, urgent care centers, and other healthcare facilities such as home health agencies.

The tasks performed by these professionals include office tasks along with limited hands on patient care duties. Nurses typically provide more hands-on patient care services and minimal office tasks. A well-qualified Medical Assistant is a significant asset to their employer as they exercise the ability to multitask effectively and efficiently while filling a vital role in patient care within all facets of the healthcare facility.

Medical Assistant Career Advancement and Potential

Completion of a quality Medical Assistant program is an important first step into becoming qualified to perform all the tasks associated with the position. Upon graduating from the Medical Assistant school, students can further their education and the quality of their degree by taking the CMA exam which is recognized by the United States Department of Education. Entry level Medical Assistants can turn their daily jobs into careers by maintaining a good reputation in the workplace with accuracy and consistency. With experience on your resume, Medical Assistants often find advancement opportunities within various healthcare facilities. In some cases, this is just the first step to additional education that can lead to many more opportunities.

Getting Started Today

How to become a Medical Assistant?” is a common question asked by those interested in stepping into the healthcare field. At FVI School of Nursing and Technology, we provide our students with a quality education and all of the necessary tools they need to adequately perform the duties entailed with their specialized education. The courses we offer are flexible offering a variety of day classes and night classes to fit your schedule. Our class sizes are relatively small, and we offer job placement assistance services upon graduation.

While there are other Medical Assistant Schools in Miami, we have a history of turning out well qualified Medical Assistants who have gone on to secure positions. Our staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and helping you overcome any hurdles along the way. Call us today to see how we can help you get started on the career of your dreams.

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