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Medical Office Administrator Salary and Job Duties

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Medical Assistant Career

For those searching for a fulfilling career in the medical field without being clinically hands-on, a medical office administrator may be a great fit. FVI School of Nursing and Technology offers a Health Services Degree (AAS) that will prepare you as you begin your career.

This AAS degree helps prepare students to embark on a career in a variety of medical offices, dental offices and clinics. Before you make your final decision, knowing what your job duties look like as well as what you can expect to earn can help push you in the right direction.

Medical Office Administrator Job Duties

There are several tasks you’ll have as an office administrator. Here’s a quick look at what your day to day could look like when you begin this new career. Remember, medical office administrator job duties can change depending on the medical or dental office you’re working at.

Medical Record Management

Every medical or dental office has medical records of all their patients. It’s how they keep up to date on the health of their patients. As the medical office administrator, you’ll be responsible for ensuring all these records are managed properly. This means keeping them organized, up to date and protected from other patients.

Many times, there are other office personnel that will manage the records but as the administrator, you’ll oversee all medical record operations.

Manage Insurance Claim Forms

Many patients who visit the office you’re working at will need to use their insurance to pay for their visit. That’s where the administrator comes in. You’ll be responsible for managing all the insurance claims that come through the office.

Often, you’ll be in charge of keeping these organized with the patient’s records, as well as sending them off to the insurance company for payment. If the insurance company does not respond in a timely manner, you’ll be tasked with reaching out again to ensure the claim is processed.

Making Sure the Office is CMS Compliant

To keep the office’s CMS license, you’ll need to remain CMS-compliant. Following all protocols can ensure you stay compliant.

Patient Invoice Processing

Even if a patient is using their insurance, sometimes they’ll need to pay their copay out of pocket. Whether this is by credit, debit card or cash, you’ll be in charge of managing all the payments.

Other Administrative Tasks

Other administrative tasks include ordering office supplies, filling in at the front desk as needed and answering phones. This will all depend on the office you’re working at.

Medical Office Administrator Salary

Your salary will depend on the practice you’re working at and the location your job is in. The national hourly average for an administrator is $23 to $30. Your starting salary may be lower when starting out and can increase with experience.

Starting a career as a medical office administrator can be a rewarding and exciting experience. To learn more about an AAS degree from FVI, visit FVI School of Nursing and Technology today.

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