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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Steps To Becoming a DMS Technician

Sonographer looking at resultsWith technological advancement, numerous medical procedures have been discovered. A good example of this is the role of a diagnostic medical sonographer (DMS). Before conducting surgical procedures, a medical diagnosis must be made and often this is in the form of imaging that has been taken by a DMS technician.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, for that reason, have an important function in performing and interpreting preliminary imaging tests that might help narrow down a patient’s medical diagnosis and quickly get them the care they need.

This article will outline the necessary steps to take to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

Earn Your High School Diploma

Let’s face it, it’s a competitive economy and companies aren’t going to gamble on picking the incorrect individual when they’re hiring. In truth, the majority of employers won’t even think about hiring someone who does not have their high school diploma.

This is the first step towards your career in the healthcare industry.

A business desires to make sure they’re making the ideal investment in selecting you to be part of their group. Your high school diploma informs employers that you are responsible and have the self-control needed to work well and complete projects. It informs companies that you can do a task and succeed.

A high school diploma will help you get into an accredited college or university to further your career goals.

Enrolling in FVI

The next step to the career you desire is to book a career planning session by contacting one of our admissions representatives or one of our office staff. During this time, you will share your career goals, any concerns you have about enrolling in the program, and get your questions answered. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started.

From there, you will fill out an online application to be accepted into our Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.

FVI Financial Assistance Options

A college education will be one of the most essential financial investments you will make. Financial assistance can help bridge the space in between your resources and the expenses of your college education.

FVI has a staff of financial planning professionals to help you obtain the funds you need for your degree. Federal grants, loan programs, scholarships and private loans from lenders are available for those who qualify.

Students have the option to select any lender of their choosing to meet their educational expenses.

Earning Your Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography ultrasound appointments

In just 22 months of full-time study, you can learn how to become a DMS. Our degree plan is a 78-credit program divided into six semesters, including general educations requirements that will equip you.

The FVI DMS program will prepare you to earn an industry certification in preparation for entering into the healthcare field. You will be able to enjoy attending a physical campus, learning through online courses, and gaining hands-on experience through clinicals.

Join FVI School of Nursing and Technology! We’d love to discuss with you how you can join our DMS program!