Why Is Cyber Security Important in the 21st Century?

The importance of cyber security cannot be understated. It is fast becoming the most important part of I.T. departments for mid-sized and large companies all over the world.

Importance of Cyber Security

The landscape has changed and digital is default. More and more people are living their lives online. All your most important information, documentation, and secrets are accessible online, kept behind a login and password wall.

With enough brains and persistence, digital natives and cyber criminals can access your life with just a few clicks. And that’s just the impact of cyber security on an individual level. Companies are finding it necessary to protect the massive amount of data collected over several years. The privacy and trust of each individual user are placed squarely in the hands of corporations.

How Does Cyber Security Benefit Society?

The world is smaller than ever and decreasing in size every year. The interconnectivity of the internet has been both a blessing and a challenge.

Millennials (born 1980 to 1995) have been called digital natives, a generation of human beings that have grown up with technology, with access to the internet during their formative years, and consider it normal. A millennial’s life exists more on hard drives, ones-and-zeros, and digital-only copies. Generation Z is even further removed from “hard-copies” than millennials, elementary school homework is done online.

We are increasingly living more of our lives online, and our choice to do things with hard-copies is slowly diminishing. If companies expect to save a buck by converting everything, including data storage, customer service support, and services, to online-only options, then there should be a basic expectation that our information is safe in their hands. The importance of cyber security is part of the very fabric of society.

Purpose of Cyber Security

Put simply: defense. The internet is still very much the wild, wild west of our time, a new frontier. In decades to come, future generations will look at the organized chaos that is the internet in the early 21st century. We truly are living in one of the most interesting revolutions of the past 100 years. The digital revolution is taking over.

Local institutions, as well as global institutions, are used to slow-moving, steady innovation in legal precedents. Unfortunately, the internet moves far too quickly, and older institutions cannot keep pace. Cyber security certifications guarantee lucrative jobs in this newer I.T. industry.

If more companies, ask themselves: “is cyber security important?” the industry will take notice and the more resources will be dedicated to solving this issue.

So…Why Is Cyber Security Important?

Everything from an individual level to a governmental and societal level is online, everything is digital. The importance of cyber security is not just a matter of company information, but an exercise in overall privacy issues.

If the world continues to migrate online, then we should be promised a basic form of online security.

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