Cyber Security Career

How to Become A Cyber Security Professional

Interested in becoming a cyber security professional? You are in good company. Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries in I.T. and the trend shows no sign of stopping.  We offer some insight to those who want to become a cyber security professional and enjoy a long career in a field that is dynamic and filled with upward potential.

So, where do you begin?

Cyber Security Certifications & Courses

Degrees and courses are often viewed as a controversial subject, especially by I.T. professionals who began their I.T. careers many years ago. The idea is that experience beats certifications and education any day of the week. But that’s not completely true anymore.

Years ago, it may have been easy to brush off any formal education in cyber security or I.T. but the market is more competitive than ever. We believe that both education and experience are equally important. Your certifications in cyber security illustrate that you are up to date with the latest cyber security trends and attack methods.

Cyber security is one of the more technical I.T. careers which means that employers expect more than just experience (unless you have a lot). Look into a local cyber security course to learn more.

Road Map of a Modern Cyber Security Career

Patience is key in any I.T. field and so is experience. We recommend a healthy dose of both if you want to become a cyber security professional. It takes about 5 years to become a cyber security professional if you follow the most conventional career path.

Career requirements include:

The follow personal skills are a sign you may be a good candidate for a career in cyber security:

Researching and understanding what cybersecurity professionals do is also helpful. Before you take any chances on a potential career in cyber security remember how long it will take and how much patience and focus, you’ll need!

The Benefits of a Career in Cyber Security

Cyber security jobs are in demand and the need for professionals is increasing and so is pay. The median salary of a cyber security professional is $95,510 per year.

  • Potential to Grow

When you become a cyber security professional, you are investing in a lucrative and stable future. Though you may start in the cubicle farms and server access rooms of major companies, you will progress further because your experience and insights are incredibly valuable. Salaries for Cyber Security Directors are as high as $500,000.

  • It’s a Rewarding Career

You can always take comfort in knowing that your work is protecting the data and livelihoods of others. Whether you are simply protecting the credit card info of customers at your medium sized business, or the social security numbers of hundreds of thousands of people, either way, you are always making a difference and making the internet a little safer every day.

Take the next step, take the first step in a rewarding career as a cyber security professional today.

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