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5 Ways to Be a Better Pharmacy Tech Every Day

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Become A Pharmacy Tech
To gain respect & earn more, you must enhance your pharmacy skills and be willing to overcome problems that are common with technicians.

A pharmacy technician works to help a pharmacy run smoothly. They perform many of the same tasks every day, but they can always be improving in their work and what they offer to their employer.

How can you be the best pharmacy technician possible? To continue to be great at your job, you have to work hard and continue to be a valuable person on the job. Check out five specific ways to be a better pharmacy technician every day below.

5 Ways Pharmacy Techs Can Be Even Better at Their Jobs

Are you looking for ways to be even better at your job as a pharmacy technician? Check out five tips below for ways that you can be better at your job.

  • Be Empathetic to Patients – Customer service is an essential part of being a pharmacy technician. Much of your job involves talking with patients and being sure that they get what they need in terms of medication and information. Having good customer service skills is a requirement to be a pharmacy technician. However, if you want to go above and beyond, you can work on being more empathetic to customers/patients when they come into the pharmacy. Medication relates to doctors and illnesses, which can be stressful for many people. The people that come into your pharmacy may be worried about their health, which means being empathetic with them can go a long way to make them feel better.
  • Be a Problem-Solver – Like in every job, when working as a pharmacy technician, problems are going to come up. There will be mistakes or miscommunications that result in confusion or even a larger issue. If you want to be a better pharmacy technician, you will work on becoming a problem-solver. Working in a pharmacy can be hectic and busy at times, which means there will not always be someone to go to about problems. If there is a problem that you are qualified to handle as a pharmacy technician, you should do so. Getting ahead of problems can make the whole workday run more smoothly, and it can make you a very valuable asset to the team.
  • Learning empathy, limiting distractions, and working as a team will make you an efficient pharmacy technician.

    Limit Distractions to Focus Better – Another way to improve your work as a pharmacy technician is to limit distractions. Working as a pharmacy tech requires a lot of focus and attention to detail. To be sure that you can be even more focused and better at your job, it is a great idea to limit distractions at work. Limiting distractions means not worrying about your home life during work, keeping your work area clean, and turning off your phone when you are at work. All of these things can help you perform better at your job as a pharmacy technician.

  • Develop a Routine with Coworkers – There are certain tasks that pharmacy technicians have to perform every day. If you develop a routine or workflow that can help you get things done more quickly and more efficiently. If you want to make things even better, you can work on developing a routine with your coworker so that you are working together and anticipating each other’s needs. This means that everything in the pharmacy will run more smoothly.
  • Be Willing to Learn More – Another way to improve as a pharmacy technician and be better at your work is to be willing to learn. If there is a task at work that you don’t know how to do, be willing to step in and learn how it should be done. You should also be willing to do continuing education to learn more about how to be even better at your job. Someone who is successful in any job is always willing to do what they can to learn more, and working as a pharmacy technician is no different.

Above, we discussed a few ways that pharmacy technicians can be better at their work every day. To prepare to be a pharmacy technician, it is a good idea to attend a pharmacy technician school. This schooling can help teach you the important information you need to know to be successful in your work as a pharmacy technician. A pharmacy technician program will teach you all about the administrative work as a pharmacy tech, as well as the medical knowledge you need to know to succeed in this field.

You can attend a pharmacy technician program at FVI School of Nursing and Technology. We can help you prepare to be the best pharmacy technician that you can be! Reach out to us if you have any questions about our program.

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