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Tips On Becoming A Nurse

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Become a Nurse

Nursing is a rapidly growing field with an increasing demand for qualified professionals. Consequently, a career in nursing is worth every effort. Plus, it’s very satisfying if you love to serve others. The first step to becoming a nurse is getting a solid education. This education, however, varies with the type of nursing you intend to pursue, as each has different requirements.

FVI School of Nursing prides itself on its many years of experience in career education. We are licensed by the State of Florida Commission for Independent Education to offer various nursing programs and we are ACEN accredited. If your dream is to become a nurse, FVI is your true home. Below are a few tips on how you can become a nurse through one of FVI’s programs.

Choose Your Nursing Path

Nursing offers many career paths. When choosing your path in nursing, think about the work environment you might prefer. FVI offers an associate degree in nursing or a diploma in practical nursing.

An associate degree in nursing takes 22 months of full-time study. This degree helps you acquire solid foundational knowledge and the right skills for nursing practice. Once you graduate and pass the NCLEX-RN exam, you can work in various places, including hospitals, insurance careers, doctor’s offices, outpatient care centers and specialty hospitals. We offer this program at both of our campuses, FVI School of Nursing Miami and FVI School of Nursing Miramar. This program prepares you for NextGen NCLEX-RN (NGN).

A diploma in practical nursing at FVI takes less than 15 months. As an FVI graduate, you are allowed to sit for the Florida State License NCLEX-PN Exam. Once licensed, you can work in a nursing care facility, home healthcare services, continuing care retirement communities for the elderly, hospitals, etc. We offer the diploma at both our Miami and Miramar campuses.

Get A License

Whether you choose an associate degree in nursing or a diploma in practical nursing, you will need to get your license to practice nursing. To earn your nursing license, you need to pass your national nursing licensure examination (NCLEX). Our nursing school program is designed to ensure you have the theoretical and practical knowledge to be prepared to sit for this important exam.

Go Ahead and Specialize

Graduating and passing the NCLEX should not be the end of your education. FVI’s programs prepare you for almost infinite nursing specialty opportunities. The most common specialties include neonatal nursing, nurse midwife, clinical nursing, and critical care nursing.

Continue To Better Your Skills

Like any other industry, you need to stay update-to-date on new technologies and treatments to remain effective in your career. As such, you need to adapt to being a lifelong learner. Staying updated is good for your patients and your growth as new opportunities and roles arise. Some of the things you can do to stay on top of your career include taking continuing education courses, getting professional certifications if you decide to specialize in a certain area of nursing and earning an advanced degree.

Start Your Nursing Career At FVI

FVI School of Nursing and Technology programs will give you the necessary skills to become a qualified nurse. Learn more about our associates and diploma programs by calling 786.574.3350 and jump-start your nursing career today.

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All nursing programs offered at FVI are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing Professional Nursing NCLEX Code Miramar US70415200 Professional Nursing NCLEX Code Miami US70418900 FVI School of Nursing and Technology (FVI) is licensed by the State of Florida, Commission for Independent Education (CIE) Miami (main) campus License Number: 3441/ Miramar campus License Number: 6010 The Associate of Science programs at FVI School of Nursing and Technology, Miramar, Florida and Miami, Florida are accredited by the Accredited Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). FVI School of Nursing and Technology is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) ID# 312400 since November 03, 2010