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Three Reasons to Become a Medical Assistant in Florida

Maria Zegarra

Become A Medical Assistant

Becoming a medical assistant is the path to an extremely rewarding career. You are on a fast track to helping people achieve the best quality health care, as well as assisting medical professionals in delivering that care. Medical assisting is a rapidly growing field in a satisfying line of work, so you will have plenty of job opportunities upon graduation. Our medical assistant program is comprehensive and our teachers are highly qualified to train students in everything they need to know to be the best medical assistants they can be. Here are some great reasons to pursue your medical assistant career today!

You Can Be Read in About a Year

FVI offers a 12-month diploma program that will equip student with the skills and knowledge to become a medical assistant and obtain employment in that field. The medical assistant diploma will give you a well-rounded series of the skills through the use of real world hands on training.

FVI also offers opportunities for internships or externships to equip you with experience and training in real-world medical assistant scenarios. This may increase the amount of time you are in school for your chosen career, but you will achieve valuable training and relevant experience in your field that will fully prepare you for your work.

There Are a Variety of Career Advancement Possibilities

It is safe to say that attending medical assistant classes is just the first step in a path of learning and advancing. Once a student attains their medical assistant certification, finds a job, and proceeds to excel in their field, they will find that this is a career of many opportunities. Medical assistants have duties such as answering telephones, greeting patients, updating and filing medical paperwork, handling insurance, tending to correspondence, scheduling appointments, arranging for hospital admission and laboratory services, and handling billing and bookkeeping. Naturally, a good medical assistant will pick up on a lot of understanding about the way things work in their employing doctor’s area of specialty as they widen their breadth of medical knowledge through their usual tasks.

Most especially in fields such as podiatry, pediatrics, ophthalmology, cardiology, and emergency medicine, any worker in such an environment will require a special level of advanced knowledge and skill ability. Many medical assistants in these fields are trained to assist their doctors in other ways. For example, podiatric assistants can help in ways such as creating foot castings for orthotics, helping with surgical procedures, casting, wound care, and splinting. Pediatric assistants require knowledge in childhood diseases, immunizations, and routine child well-care.

Gaining experience in these areas can open the possibilities of advancement from entry-level assistant to medical or clerical office manager, clinical team leader, lead medical assistant, transcription supervisor, and much more. Medical assisting can even be a great pathway to nursing if students wish to further their studies later.

Medical Assisting is a Fulfilling Career Path

If you are a caring people-person, then there really is no more fulfilling and rewarding career than one that profoundly helps people on a daily basis. You get to directly reap these rewards by working face to face with patients as you work as a conduit between them and their caring, dedicated physicians. It can be encouraging and inspiring to be the working force behind the health and care of individuals. Medical assistants are the bridge to the healthcare of adults, the elderly, and children, and are the face of acquiring the care needed to live a full, healthy life.

Medical assistants help people to be healthy by dealing with insurance, paperwork, and other vital office tasks to keep the process moving. They put referrals through for specialty care, organize charts, remind patients of their appointments, and are the first line of support for sick patients, doing their best to set the appointment they need to feel well. A kind and patient medical assistant on the phone can make the most miserable patient feel hopeful and a little less miserable. If you like to make peoples’ lives happier and healthier, then your first step to success is to pursue your medical assistant career today!


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