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Fast Track to Become a Medical Assistant

Maria Zegarra

Become A Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Starting a new career in today’s fast paced world is difficult, and as you probably know by now, there is a significant difference between a job and a career – though there seem to be many people who don’t know the difference. The problem with finding a career today is the amount of experience that is required to take up any meaningful position. If you want to get your foot in the door, then you’re going to need a decent education.

The desire to get out into the workforce is real, and the education opportunities seem to be limited by time and income, but a medical assistant program can launch you into the medical field without the standard waiting period that would accompany most other patient related professions. So what is a medical assistant? What kind of career will you be walking into? What can you expect?

What You can Expect After Medical Assistant School

Medical assistant school offers many prime opportunities to the individuals that are ready to take it on, but as far as the basic job is concerned, it consists of duties that are supervised by licensed physicians. Some of the most common duties of those who have completed medical assistant courses will include:

  • Answering Telephones
  • Greeting Patients
  • Filing Medical Records
  • Completing Insurance Forms
  • Correspondence
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Admissions
  • Laboratory Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Billing


This is a brief list of potential duties, but keep in mind that it can change significantly depending on the office you are in. Another task that medical assistants routinely perform is collecting and preparing laboratory specimens, or even performing very basic laboratory tests. Medical assistants will also be responsible for the collection and preparation of laboratory specimens for doctors. Additionally, they are responsible for speaking to patients and advising them on diets, medication preparation, and more.

The more advanced medical assistants may administer injections and even x-rays when necessary. As you can see, the job of a medical assistant can be varied, but it is also extremely rewarding for those who are interested in it.

Jump Start your Future

There are opportunities out there, just waiting for you if you’re really ready to take the leap and get the training you need to become a medical assistant. Are you ready to jump feet first into a rewarding profession in the medical industry? If so, then you’re you’ll want to start by enrolling in FVI’s Medical Assistant program. The college is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Take this first step and if you are committed to your decision, It won’t be too long before you’re well on your way to the career you’ve always wanted. This can even be a stepping stone on your way to a different, perhaps higher position in the medical field.

The Job you Want

Medical assistant school

Once you finish your medical assistant courses there are a number of jobs that you may be eligible for. With placement assistance, our graduates have found employment in a variety of facilities such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Clinics
  • Physicians Offices
  • Pediatric Wards
  • Gynecology Offices
  • Pediatricians Offices


Getting into the medical field can be challenging, but FVI School of Nursing and Technology can make it as quick and painless as possible. Becoming a medical assistant is a great way to get your foot in the door and learn the industry without dedicated a serious portion of your life to study. There will always be more to learn along the way, but if you’re eager to get your feet wet right now, then contact us today!

It’s time to stop dreaming of the perfect career and take steps to achieve it. If you have the drive and the ambition, then we’re going to provide you with the tools you need to really make a difference and really get your career on the right path.


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